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Oot Bag"s For Cruise Wedding

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I am putting together the list for my OOT Bags for my upcoming wedding onboard the Freedom of the Seas.  We have about 42 confirmed guest traveling with us.  I am planning to have each bag delivered to the rooms during evening turndown service.  I have had a blast shopping for bargains .  I was able to get a lot of items during black Friday and christmas sales.  So far my bags include


Bags - Hobby Lobby 3 pack canvas bags (white) - 7.99 with 40% off one item coupon.  4.79 for the pack / 1.60 each bag.  The quality is nice.  

            I did search the web and saw that Zazzle.com has their bags for 75%.  They run different sales daily.  If I had not already brought the other                  

            bags I would have used zazzle. I will use our logo and use iron on transfer paper to decorate the bags. 


Selfie Sticks - 3.99 at Michael's (Black Friday sale) These are so much fun.  I really enjoyed using mine while traveling. 


Highlighters - 5.49 for 18 Amazon


Wet wipes Individual packs - 2.00 for 24 in a pack.  Bargain Hunt discount store


Caress / Dove mens Body Wash - .90 cent for 12oz.  Rite Aid  I combined Coupons and sale price.  I never bring enough soap when I travel and I dislike the soap provided so I thought this would be a nice thing to do.  


Bath sponge - .50 Fallas Discount store


Parrothead 50 spf 6oz Spray - .50 Fallas Discount Store.  I was stoked when I saw this deal.  They had a ton left over from the summer.  I felt like I 

                                                  Hit the lotto on this one.  Check out all the discount stores clearance isles, you never know what deal you can find. 


Febreze - 1.00 Target I used coupons.  The rooms are tiny and I always take air freshener on any trip.  


I am planning on getting

Shout wipes


Pepto Bismal tablets

first aid kits

crossword / sudoku puzzles

playing cards



cotton dirty clothes bags - I always wished I had one when I travelled




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@slfavors  OOT bags are always popular with DW guests and it sounds like you have some really great ideas for yours! if you're stuck for any other ideas just do a search up top on OOT bags and you'll get a ton of things to read. It seems to be one thing that the brides-to-be have a lot of fun with!


Your date isn't too far away. Just a few months to go. Good luck!

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