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Honeymoon To Italy

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hey all! 

i am new to this site, but am super excited about it! i've already been reading up on other topics!

i am a destination wedding bride myself, getting married in August of 2016.


but my real question is about the honeymoon!!

we won't be taking it until our 1 year anniversary, but i already can't wait!

We plan to do a 2 week tour of italy! from venice down to sicily!

we want to stop in milan, florence, siena, rome, naples, pompeii, sorrento, the amalfi coast, san marco (that's where my family is from!), & palermo.


does anyone have any experience traveling to any of these? are any a waste to visit? or any places you'd recommend that i didn't list?

does anyone have any good recommendations of places to visit? restaurants? things to do?

or tips and tricks to doing this? we've never been and i'd rather it be a little more personal than doing a guided tour.


any help is greatly appreciated!! 
TIA!!! :)

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Congrats and welcome! The first question I have is do you have a good travel agent? That sounds like a wonderful trip that will need a fair bit of planning. The other tip would be to spend some time on TripAdvisor. It can be a great resource for reviews of hotels, restaurants, tours and things to do. We use it a lot. In fact my husband used it this past summer for a trip to South Carolina and is also using it now for a trip to the west coast next week. But you can look up almost anywhere in the world and get quite a bit of detail.


Good luck and happy planning!

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I've been to Italy once, but only to the Tuscany area, so I'm not that familiar with travel times to the other locations you mentioned. It does sound like a lot for 2 weeks, in my opinion, but everyone has their own preference.


I can vouch for Siena and Florence - both wonderful. Siena you only really need a day. Florence could definitely be a few days. I highly recommend the Uffizi and Accademia (Michelangelo) galleries. And the Duomo (church) is amazing. There are lovely hilltop towns all through Tuscany that are worth exploring (and drinking wine!). San Gimignano is probably the most famous and is gorgeous. We actually stayed there and took day trips around the area. I wouldn't recommend Pisa. The leaning tower is cool, but the city is kind of a dump.


Happy planning! :)

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Welcome ekf6189!!! WOW! just the words "Honeymoon to Italy" make the romantic scenes flood in!!! how exciting :)


Hope you find all the info you need to make your perfect wedding celebration and once-in-a-lifetime dream honeymoon come true!

Wishing you all the best with your journey - cheers!!! team MTM :)


....for a different twist, here's a bridal bouquet "floating with the fishes"  :)



....or this one.....when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie....that's amore!!!



.....and isn't it in Italy where eveyone is "one big happy family?!?!"




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