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Qs About Riu Palace Semi Private Dinners, After Receptions.

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Hello everyone,


I have been in contact with the wedding coordinator at the Riu Palace Pacifico about specific questions and prices even though I don't have a date booked yet. Information, as you all know, is very slooooow coming out of her.


I have a few questions I hope people can clear up!


I doubt my wedding will have 40 people. I want(ed) a private reception, and asked if I could pay the difference from whatever my guest count is to 40. I was told that I would have to pay the following (below) for 40 people regardless of how many I have. She also said that even if I have 40+, I have to pay these fees. Does anyone have experience with that? My sister got married at the Palace in PDC a few years ago and she only had to pay these fees to get up to the guest minimum, rather than per each person.


Private dinner-party:

Setup fee 35 usd per person (tables, tablecloths, chairs, chair bows)
Menu fee 49 usd per person (buffet and open bar for 4 hrs)
This seems outrageous that I would have to pay for the full cost of food and drinks for a private reception when people are paying to stay there. Any insights? For the semi-private dinner, does it include alcohol above and beyond the champagne for toasts? Ie, whatever a guest would normally have access to in the restaurant?
If this is indeed true, I may opt for the included semi-private dinner, followed by a private reception for dancing and etc. How much is this? She hasn't gotten back to me on that yet.
Open bar is $10/person/hour I know, but not sure on other costs related to a reception.
For speeches/toasts at semi private dinner, has anyone brought microphones? Or is this not allowed? What is the orientation of the semi private area? Is it conducive to speeches for a group of 30-35 or so?
Has anyone brought their own sound system for receptions or private dinners/receptions? How did it work out?
Any help is very, very much appreciated! Pictures, especially ; )
Cheers and thank you,

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Hi Welcome to the site! 


I'm not familiar with RIU resorts other than the fact that most of the ladies here that use a RIU resort complain about being charged for every little thing! But that's a deal with most of the resorts. Just because you're going to an all inclusive doesn't mean that includes your wedding!! They will charge for every little thing that they can! That's something i think you'll just have to get into your head and work with it. Everyone here talks about it!


Have you tried doing a search up top for the particular resort you're asking about? Odds are that any questions you have, have already been asked and answered in some way, shape or form so I would recommend reading through as many of the RIU threads as you can. It will be worth it.


Good luck and happy planning!

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@@kimberlyc Hi Kimberly fist Congratulations on your wedding. I'm in the same boat feeling overwhelmed and looking for alternatives to the reception bc we're paying $75 pp for reception. Curious how did this turn out? 

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