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Hi Brides!


I'm sure this has been asked before, but I was hoping that someone might be willing to share their welcome brochure ideas.  I want to do a welcome brochure, but aside from the timeline, I'm not really sure what to put in it.  


Thanks in advance and Happy planning!

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Hey! I sent mine out beforehand so some may not apply if you hand out in Cuba.


- wedding day timeline, dress code, wed pics info


- timeline for week - rehearsal dinner, welcome drinks, etc


- fast facts - weather, time change, etc.


- some words translated to Spanish for them


- what is an all inclusive part where I listed what to expect at our resort


- note about excursions


- good to know info - talked about passports, money, using bottled water, bringing enough clothes, meds, etc. How to navigate the airport to transfer buses


- thank you note from us


- travel agent info incase


- some pics of us



You can see it in my planning thread. Hope that helps some



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We had a bit of a welcome letter, an itinerary, a chart for people to write down their friends' room numbers (which turned out everyone had wifi so no one used) and a map of the resort. 


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