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  1. @@Cancun2016 I brought an outside photographer and wasn't charged an outside vendor fee. However, my photographers stayed at the Hotel for 4 nights, they were on my room block list, and I even had seats for them at the reception (they didn't use them, but I thought it made it seem like they were actual wedding guests... ha!). I had asked about this months in advance of my wedding, and was told that I would be charged a $400 fee even though they were staying at the hotel. I thought that was really dumb, but I was prepared to pay the $400 if necessary. I think the only reason I wasn't charged
  2. I got assigned my onsite wedding coordinator today! (FINALLY) I got Zaray! @ wasn't that your wedding coordinator? I don't know if I have much for her to do at this point...
  3. @@Wafflesmom I can't believe your big day is already almost here! I love love everything about your wedding... I can't wait to see pictures! Your welcome bags are awesome! Remind me what you are doing for your table numbers? I'm still up in the air between ordering numbers and finding gold frames or getting the free standing numbers from etsy... I'm so excited for you!
  4. @@Wafflesmom I cannot believe that you are only three weeks out! I'm so excited for you. @ did an awesome job on the Welcome Letter! I love it.
  5. Hi @@STBMrsPowell ! Yanet is my wedding coordinator too! I'm getting married at Beach Palace in February. I just wanted to let you know that a few months ago I was super frustrated with Yanet (@@Wafflesmom may remember). It would sometimes take her weeks to get back to me and then I didn't feel like she was answering my exact questions. I was really worried. Lately she has been very responsive to me - she gets back to me the same day or the next day. She has been super helpful! I'm wondering if she is more helpful/responsive now because my wedding is getting closer? I'm hoping that this wi
  6. @@Wafflesmom that is awesome! She has been responding to me really quickly as well. I'm sure it will feel so great to have the PO all squared away!
  7. @@Wafflesmom I'm so glad to hear that your PO was accurate! How far in advance did you receive it? (I was thinking it wasn't until 60 days out) That is so exciting!
  8. You guys look so great! You are stunning! I love the veil. It's a nice touch. I can't believe your wedding so so soon!
  9. Is anyone upgrading their cake or are you all using the complimentary cake? My wedding coordinator quoted me $159 for an upgrade to two tier and $219 for three tier. However, I sent her a picture of a two tier cake that I like and it was $700... maybe it was too fancy? I am just wondering what everyone else is doing!
  10. @@wmac my reception ends at 11:00 PM! We were also given the option of extending until 1:00 AM and just decided not to do so. My reception is on the Sky Bar Terrace. I believe the Palenque Terrace is the only terrace that requires you to end your reception at 10:00 PM.
  11. @@FutureMrsGarcia so exciting! Our reception is on the sky bar terrace as well! I can't wait to see photos of your set up! my wedding coordinator has assured me that all of our guests will fit on the sky bar terrace!
  12. @@Wafflesmom I think your close family would be great! If they are sitting in the front row, I don't think it would be weird for them to get up to sign. I've seen ceremonies where parents or siblings get up to do different things.
  13. @@jes0912 yay for another planning thread!! Your rings are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to read more of your planning details!
  14. @@FutureMrsGarcia thanks! We have 90 people as well. Your ceremony is on the sky deck, right? Did you rent lighting and decor for your welcome party? Do they provide a sweetheart table, or are you and your hubby sitting at a table as well?
  15. @@FutureMrsGarcia congrats on your big day being so soon!! Am I correct that you have a big group going (90ish people?). If so, please let me know how it goes with a large group! I can't wait to hear all about your wedding! Does anyone know if we can seat 10 people at a table for private events (or will they only seat 8 people per table?)
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