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We haven looking at resorts for weeks! We started working with a travel agent and altough much easier, still quite the task to make a selection.

We liked the Riu Palace Mexico, but they are being very inflexible about our arrival date. So, we are now looking at Dreams Tulum. We are concerned about the reviews from Trip Advisor about them pestering for additional purchases and the price for wine which is an additional cost.

Has anyone have a recent experience? Do you have a comment from a guest or the wedding couple point of view?

Anything will help!



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Hi and welcome! There is a whole section on resort reviews as well as current threads that you could spend some time reading. Just do a search up top for what you want and the threads will come up. Choosing your resort is probably the most stressful part of planning and if you already have a travel agent, that's another good step.


I wouldn't pay a lot of attention to trip advisor unless all of the reviews are totally horrible, only because you'll never get everyone 100% happy. Somebody will always have something to say because what one person likes, somebody else might not. Read it yes, but don't make your decision only from reading trip advisor. Don't feel that you have to work only with the travel agent that you have. If you aren't getting good service, then ask around for someone else. A good TA will work with you with your budget, the budget you want for your guests and any other things you must have and don't want.


The ladies here are more than willing to share experiences and tips/ideas so you've come to the right place! Good luck and happy planning!

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Hi there and welcome!!  I was also going to book initially with the Riu Palace Mexico - we were about to sign the contract and something just told me not to....they didn't want to work with us at all..they were making everything so difficult.  Everything we asked for was met with a 'no' so we in turn said no to them.


I find that at a lot of all inclusives they tend to offer their house wine selections and then anything outside of those wines are considered extras.  It's annoying but pretty standard.



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I went to a wedding a Dreams Tulum, but it was in 2010. I don't remember any issues with additional expenses. Maybe they tried to upsell us on wine or something in the restaurants, but doesn't stand out as an issue for me, and it's not uncommon (I've been to 5 all-inclusives in the area). Of course, that was almost 5 years ago so things could have changed. Nice resort, though. My only complaint was that I would have liked more pool options. They seemed a bit small and did not enforce the "quiet" zone at the quiet pool.

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Welcome to our forum, AnaNino and Congrats on your upcoming dw!!!


For a visual comparison between the two resorts you're considering, here are some magical wedding "moments that matter" Linc captured at each one......enjoy!


From the RUI Palace Peninsula Cancun Wedding Album:








From the Dreams Tulum Wedding Album:







Wishing you happy research, and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! team MTM :)

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