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Miscellaneous Wedding Decor

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I am selling the leftover wedding decor. Prices do not include shipping. If you are located in Chicago or NE Florida, I would be happy to arrange a time to meet in person so you won't have to pay shipping! 


25 white chair sashes- $20

White paper and wooden hand fans (these were leftover and never used)-$16 for lot of 19

6 white flower candles & 3 silver flower candles-$7

17 bubbles with yellow and blue ribbon-$2

Bride to Be Sash (new)-$4



1 new roll of 15 ft-$8

1 roll cut-$4

$10 for both



Thin Ivory Lace-about 5.5 yrds 

Blue ribbon-12 in

wide Lace- 2.5ft

New floral tape

$8 for the lot















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The hand fans are silk with bamboo handles! Happy to combine shipping or offer a discount for buying multiple items!

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@@has31 i would love to speak to you about the fans. If i were to purchase the ones you have i would need about 30 to match

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@@racht33 Unfortunately I am not finding the same exact fans anymore. I bought them on ebay and it doesn't look like the seller has anymore. It would be cute to do half and half ( a different color perhaps). I bought 20 fans because at the time, I thought that would be plenty for my small wedding. Several more people RSVPed and we had about 32 people total.  Only one fan was used. So glad I chose not to rent parasols a few days before. I think everyone had gotten used to the heat by the time the wedding rolled around. 

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