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I must apologize for the delay in getting these posted, but better late than never, right?  I wanted to share, because this forum was such a huge part of making our destination wedding a hit!


Our OOT bags were a HUGE hit!  6 months later and people still talk about them!


When putting together our gift bags I tried to be practical and include useful items, our wedding wasn't at an all inclusive so I didn't add any cups, etc.  


The Bag

I looked forever for the perfect bag, and this was my final decision, and I was thrilled with my choice.  It had all the features I wanted, a bag that zipped closed, had an inside pocket with zipper and it also has an exterior storage area with a pocket. I am lucky because my mom has an embroidery business so so did the embroidery for me for FREE!   I wanted to my bags to be used after the wedding, so we didn't include a date or our names and just put a seashell & Aruba on each of the bags.


Here is the link:  http://www.thedealrack.com/gemline-tote-bag-g1510-utility.htmlThe great thing about Deal Rack is they offer free shipping on any order over $50.


Like I said, everyone loved the quality of the bag, many of our guests would be out and other people at the resort would ask "Where did you get that bag?"  I probably could have sold some :)


Wedding Survival Kit


These were a lot of fun to put together, I bought ziptop bags from Dollar Tree & printed my toppers from a template I got on here.  I would suggest buying these items a little at a time, when things are on sale, it helps that wallet a lot this way!The kits included:


Small pouches of KleenexGum/Mentos

Tic Tacs


Small tube of sunscreen

Shout Wipes






Chap Stick w/ SPF


Off Wipes

Safety Pins

Emery Board

B&BW Hand Sanitizer 




Also, I the price for Zantac and Aleve was crazy prices in individual packets so I made these:






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Okay here is the rest:


Snack Bags

These were a hit also, people loved these after getting back to their room from drinking, hanging at the beach, etc.  I simply bought gallon size ziptop bags from Dollar Tree and filled with:


Snack Size bags of Asst. Nuts - Costco

Small Cans of Pringles - Costco

Cracker Packets

Theater Size Candy - Starburst, Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, Mike & Ikes, etc

Granola bars


Boca Clips 

These were a HIT!  People loved these, after they figured out they weren't chips clips!  They aren't cheap, but well worth it.



Other Items

Sewing Kits from Micheals

Pashmina - AC Moore

Yankee Tins


ID Holder for room key, money, and ID

Welcome Letter - this also included an itinerary and other important tips and info

Balashi Beer - local beer in Aruba

Aruba Tourism info we got from the hotel lobby


And here is the finished product.




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@@trbutler - Great bag!!  I can see why your guest are still talking about them!!  Where did you get the OFF wipes??  I want to include that in our bags too.

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very nice! Where did you get the little bags for the zantac and aleve?


@@TheBHolders this is where I got them https://www.bgpaper.com/Details.asp?Product=23ZLthey are a local store for me, so I didn't pay shipping.  But I am sure you can google this size bag or if you have a local paper supply place (more on the commerical side (Not PartyCity) they may have them.

these look great!!! I really want to make these for our guest! Do you mind sharing the template to make the bag toppers ?@@trbutler


I got these from another past bride.  Here is her post with the template



@@trbutler - Great bag!!  I can see why your guest are still talking about them!!  Where did you get the OFF wipes??  I want to include that in our bags too.


I got them at Walgreens they come in a pack of 12.



To answer your questions @@FutureMrsReed, I spent about $30 per bag.  I had $9 in bocca clips,  which really increased the price.  I also only had to do 20 bags, so that helped a lot.  


My best advice is to start buying things now and during sales.  For example twice a year Bath & Body Works does a sale, check out what they have.  I also would search for coupons that I could print and help save some dollars.  I kept a spreadsheet with what I was spending and budgeted to make sure that it was practical purchases when I bought something.  Hope this helps!


Also, the folders I used for my welcome letters were left over from my wedding invitations.

Here are some of the items included in the welcome packet:

Wedding Welcome Letter 2.pub

Wedding Itinerary 2.pub

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You did a great job!! They really look good, and I agree with the other ladies - it's no wonder your guests are still talking about them! The Deal Rack site is super - that's where our bags are from but the one you picked out is super practical! I love the embroidery!


For your survival kits - where did you find were the best places for the things you put in them? I know there are websites that the ladies have posted here that sell the travel size of things but just wondered if you had something else to add!


Thanks for the post and the pics! Everything turned out great!!


@@racht33 If you just search at the top for survival kit you'll get the template. I added the one I put together here as well but you can play around and do almost anything you want to it!

SurvivalKit Topper-2.ppt

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