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Hello Ladies!


I'm pretty new to this site and love the information that is passed along and shared!!! Its definitely helping me plan my upcoming wedding at Dreams on April 9, 2016.


My question is for previous brides and vendors. With using outside vendors, if your photographer/videographer was staying on site at the Dreams did they still charge you a vendor fee (per person) or was that waived?!? I can understand if the vendor is off site and only there for the day, but other than that, I think it should be waived, no?!? I'm traveling with my wedding planner, photographer and DJ from NYC and this fee is adding significantly!!


Any information would greatly help!!

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I recently got married at the Dreams resort and you won't have to worry about a thing!


If they are staying at the resort as a guest you do not have to pay the vendor fee. The fee is only if they are coming for the day of the wedding. 


Good luck planning!

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