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Post All You Wish/regret You Had Plan For Your Upcoming/past Wedding

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Hello Everyone...

I am two months to my wedding and I am still getting things done...I am doing lots lots of DIY things and definitely will post to provide ideas to everyone as some ideas or help.


The reason why I write this today is because "you live and you learn". Planning a destination wedding is not as easy as people think, specially when you are overseas; there are lots of information, details and things that we don't know at the moment of planning and making decisions, even if you do a site inspection there are plenty of things that are missed. You will find brides who really do a full research and have plenty of time before their wedding which I think is great, but honestly no every bride is on the same time line and there are tons of information that gets overwhelming and confusing...therefore important things get missed. When I started this journey I wish I had an expert in the area who I could ask directly and get answers in a timely manner, I will tell you that would have a clear idea that would have helped me better. 


As we go on this planning there are things that we discover later and perhaps when our choices have been made.

There are plenty of things to learn on a destination wedding planning journey like events that happen at the wedding day, the resort, locations at the resort and its employees, vendors offered by the resort (very important),  set up fees, vendor fees, distances between the activities you plan to do, local tour companies, reviews  "true and tried", surrounding locations, off-site resort options if you want to take it out, wedding planners in the area (non resorts), things to do for your guests, music on your wedding day, live bands, cakes and cake toppers, flowers, ceremony decor, officiant, what kind of ceremony, what kind of canapes,gazebo/palapa/beach reception, center pieces and costs, travel with all the stuff to your destination, airfare fees for your excess baggage, rules to bring your items in the destination country, decoration and who will do it for you and how much, even the wedding gown some times is a regret.....in other words..many details.


I definitely have my regrets and I wish I could change them but it is too late for us, therefore I will do my best to live and enjoy our special day!!!

I just cannot wait until this day happens!!...AND Since I am 2 months to my wedding day and there are plenty of brides with tons of questions, doubts and brides with regrets on what they wished they had done but didn't do it.


I want to ask you to kindly post what you wish you have done or chosen but you did not, this will help others for sure to make decisions. Thank you!!!

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You are getting close!!  I know it can feel stressful, but please try not to let it take you over!!!  


I wish I hadn't sweated the small stuff.  At the end of the day, it didn't matter.  As I sat at the head table with a room full of people I loved, I laughed that I lost sleep over a seating chart, or a vase for my flowers, etc.   We forget the beauty of our locations and that people are there for us, not nice table decor!   Don't get me wrong it's nice to have and in a lot of cases needed, but don't lose sleep over it. Do what you can do within your budget and luggage requirements lol    By the end I didn't care that my sign was blowing in the wind and not readable at times, I didn't care she grouped my candles together and didn't spread them out LOL see it sounds silly doesn't it? we have to let some things go.


I am also glad I trusted my instincts.   I was comfortable from the get go with the resort photographer, the spa on site, etc. etc. but this board with all its knowledge made me second guess a lot of my decisions.  In the end I was over the moon about all the vendors we used ON SITE and am soooooo glad I didn't spend extras money for the outside vendors services and the vendor fees.  That said, I understand that sometimes you have too, but in my case I am glad I trusted my gut.


It's tough to see it all come together in your mind but the moment it does in your location it is such a relief.  I was really able to let it all go (even though I am type A) and just enjoy my day for what it is. We had a small blip but I didn't let it ruin my day.  Albeit it was minor, they forgot the tables/chairs for our cocktail hour.    But when I stepped out of the 'trees' and saw my ceremony site I was blow away, I had to stop to take it all in.   Mexico is beautiful, the flowers are beautiful, and you see your loved one standing there and that is really all that matters.  


One thing I may have done different?  paid to have my ceremony taped.  I don't remember the music much and wouldn't mind reliving that. Thankfully my bridesmaid's spouse taped it on his go-pro so I can have that to cherish.


Another thing I am glad I did, was have my photographer for 8 hour.  5-6 would have worked too, but I almost only paid for the ceremony and I am super glad 'cheap Kim' took a hike for that!


Just remember what is most important to you and that it will all come together though it's hard to see now.  You have to let go a little bit in Mexico because you just have to trust them. They aren't new to weddings and know what they are doing :)  Good luck

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@@calgarybride2015 Thank you for your kind words and sharing your experience, happy you had a great time! (sent you a PM)


Every week I get somethign new..last week was whether or not we should have a videographer...

Luckily we were able to decided and learned that a video is one of the memories to have...we will have 6 hours of coverage for an 8 minutes mini-clip..

This week I am dealing with a different "what to do" one LOL

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This is an awesome idea! Since I am in the beginning stages, I sometimes second guess myself A LOT and worry myself. I need to learn to go with the flow sometimes, and hearing what people wish that could've done differently makes me stop and think how important that would be for me. I want memories to last a lifetime, not just a couple hour experience!

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@@linaco80..you're not alone. We feel ya girl. So far I dont regret anything. I find myself second guessing everything though. The future husband says i grind a decision to death. I wish i was better informed about overall costs of a wedding.. we are double our budget and i have not been extravagant.

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