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  1. Looking back at my wedding experinece, most of my stress was induced by the Miami Coordinators at Karisma. Oncer we got there, different story. 100% turnaround. I bought alot on saveoncrafts. Took a glue gun and extra sprays and flowers to spruce anythung up in Mexico if needed.
  2. I brought my own flowers. I thought they were beautiful. Even my bouquets. Ig people knew they were real touch, no one mentioned it. They look classy. I left them with Katy. I also got my bouqets on etsy. I can forward info to you. I rented w Katy. I think we used 4 strands. I dont know how long they were. The resort knows exactly how to hang them
  3. Dont tell them anything. Their job is to sell. The on site coordinators in Mexico can pull anything off. Maybe you can request your on site meeting earlier
  4. Are you using a travel agent? You shoukd check with her and see if you booked during the promo's. Really? At 150 people, you should have a cocktail hour and a dinner at no cost to you
  5. Look at Pixan Photography. Owner is Vincent. I did endlesssssss tedious months of research amd he came out on top on all catgegories important to me 1) making me look as beautiful as possible 2)capturing a story/moment w every pic 3) communication needed to be prompt 4) most bang for my buck. Will PM you some other info. Here are a few of my fav shots.. Because he was an outside vendor, AS did charge me the $800 vendor fee. And i would have paid more if they wanted to for him. He and his staff were easy to work with, easy to communicate with and he is just so darn sweet. [http://video214.com/play/dbClW8w5i7dHj2AX5p3a1g/s/dark] Zocalo is actually a beatiful location. It can be done very tastefully w minimal decorations. Maybe just candles..plus that is where they cook a majority of the good for events so yours would be freshest and hot. The pics online dont do it justice. But its cery authentic and clean. Everywhere at AS is perfect
  6. I used Gayle Hirsch. She is an agent here in Texas. Works for herself. She is awesome. But suggest it to your TA. She should not have one problem doing that. Im looking for it to send it to you but i cant locate it
  7. @@carrieandsam are you using a travel agent? If so, Gayle (my TA) wrote an email to me that said.somwthing along the lines of "hi karla and bill, The deadline is quickly approaching. You have only 6 guest rooms left in your block. If not booked by Aug _ , the hotel will release these rooms. The hotel right now is about 80% booked. I would hate for your guests to stay at a different resort and not be subject to the day pass fee of $100." You get the jist. Then we forwarded that email to our guests. May help if they hear it from someone else
  8. How much time do you have in between the ceremony and reception? I like what she said above trying to keep everyone together and keep that party vibe going. Photographer can get great shots of your guests
  9. If any future brides have not booked a photographer, please consider Pixan Photography. Here are some of my favorite sneak peeks and i cannot sing him enough praises. I think his packages are reasonably priced. Much better than most i researched. And if i could do it one more time, i would have hired him the entire wedding week
  10. I would keep in mind that perhaps the set up fee is more because they have to take down the swings
  11. I cant believe you have these!!! Thank you!!!! Awesome pics. I dont know the name either. I call it Zocalo Hut too. They offer it as a back up but ask for it. This accomodated 109 people. They said dance would would be to small but it was perfect
  12. @@Aliyedwinramirez, we had a welcome dinner on the beach and it was beautiful. We decorated w tiki torches. Everyone loved watching the sunset together. People took shoes off and danced in the sand. Maybe you should reconsider. Nobody minded the seaweed. Let me look for pics @carrieandsam
  13. @@atyson03, cant wait to hear all about it! I'm sure all the girls here really find our feedback valuable. Just a note: we had 120 guests stay 7 days plus and not one person had GI illness, aside from a hangover.
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