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Which Do We Celebrate As Our Anniversary?!

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Not that it really matters, but I imagine it might be a little confusing for all your guests if you celebrated the "legal" date--people are going to remember it cause they had such a great vacation and will might wonder why it's not on the date they remember celebrating your wedding!

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So my hubby and I have two anniversaries too!


We did our civil/legal ceremony in court here in California a week before our destination wedding in Mexico. And yes, we dressed up, but nothing too fancy -- just beautiful white attire and we went to have a delicious lunch afterwards  :D


Then we had our official ceremony in Mexico in front of all our family and close friends -- and that's when we wore our full wedding attire complete with bridesmaids and groomsmen. We recognize that day as our official anniversary because it had all the bells and whistles. BUT we also try to acknowledge our legal date with a small and simple dinner each year -- if we remember, hahahaha. :lol:  


Two reasons to dress up and celebrate -- always a good idea  :D

This is exactly what we are doing. I got a fun short $99 dollar dress. To wear to the court house.

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@breezie- Men usually have trouble remembering one date, so having to remember two would be especially difficult.


We will celebrate the destination wedding date.

I must have an extra special man then, cause he remembers EVERYTHING!!! the date we met, were we met,  the first kiss, where we kissed, the date we moved in together.....he even remembers right down to what my favourite lip gloss is.... and iv never told him LOL.... all the little details he can remember....now tell him about an upcoming event... he forgets....hmmmm better keep reminding him about the wedding date  :huh:

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We opted out of the civil ceremony in Mexico and are just doing the symbolic one and getting legally married at home.


Which date do we celebrate as our anniversary? 

I'm wondering the same thing!! I'm super neurotic so the thought of it actually bothers me. I wish it was just on the same day and it didn't need to be this complicated.

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