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  1. @@Wafflesmom We ordered the wrist coils originally from Amazon and they were shipped from China it took almost 2 months to come and only 5 came and they were the wrong colors .. so we cancelled that and found them on a place called http://www.officeplayground.com/Wrist-Coil-Keychain-Multicolored-P5125.aspxhttp://www.officeplayground.com/Wrist-Coil-Keychain-Multicolored-P5125.aspx They were $.39 per coil and the quality was great compared to the other one we recived. I also requested to have all orange shipped from the multi pack and they emailed me right back and said no problem! I recvied my order in 48 hours it was so fast! I would highly reccomend them! I will have to ask the FI about the badges we got them on ebay not sure where.
  2. My phone case from China came today and quick too! HAHA. I thought if my cell phone makes it into some photos it should at least be in theme for the day haha. I'll be scared to take it out of it's otterbox haha but .. I LOVE this case it's even better in person! Also finshed our room key holders last night! The FI cut them all we had an assembly line going haha (making memories)
  3. @ I know I have not been good about doing updates haha. It's hard I barley have time to work and plan haha The robes fit I think true to size. I'm a 10 so I went back and forth with LG and MED haha I'm right on the edge. They fit .. they are more of a fitted cut than I huge bulky robe. @TinkerSofi Thanks girl! I hope so ... haha I won't feel bad when everyone throws them out hahaha You can get so sucked into Esty deails lol ... then you have to come back down to earth lol
  4. God I hope we have a better experince .. we are getting married at the Vallarta location. Make me worried after reading this! We also have Andrea but she hasn't been too bad with us! She calls me all the time to check in.
  5. I haven't posted in forever cause .. I'm too busy FREAKIN planning a wedding lol... 38 days! I'm making my girls a cute travel bags and sending them out next week! I ordered them these adorable luggage tags I custom made on Zazzle. They had a 50% off sale on luggage tags last week. The look even better than I expected! They say " Bride's Entourage Bridesmaid" one one side and the other says Mrs. XXXXXX ( with there last name) I did there last names cause they are all newlyweds and I thought it would be cute to put all there new last names on them! I also oder a Hubby/Wifey one for some of our bags! I also bought the clear trvel TSA bags from Sephora ... Then I'm loading them up with cute travel procuts - mini hairspay - rosewater mist - chapstick - dry shampoo - hair tie - luggage tag - hydrating face wipes - anti bacterial - lotion - mini emery board I'll post a photo when there are all pit together! Here are the tags Here are the Sephora Travel bags This lotion is the best it's by Soap and Glory and they are currently on Sale at Sephora $7 down to $4 Smells just like MIss Dior Cherie .... amazing! My Robes came in! They fit amazing and the frabric feels better than I expected! The only down side was she forgot one of them .. I emailed her right away and she said she would get it to me ASAP and apologized! I also had her add belt loops as they normally don't come with any. It was FREE of charge. Overall I'm very pleased, just wished I recived them all at once! Here are the photos ... It was a good purchase I think the girls will look adorable in them! I'm going to wash them before i pack them .. evryone says they soften up with a few washes enev though they don't really feel rough! The fabric is much nicer than I was expecting! They look just like the photos! I'm glad I went with a large cause the shoulder just barley fit! The lengh is great on my I hope these look good lengh wise on them! Seller: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GettingReadyRobes Hangover Bags! So I wante dthe musilin bags so bad I just couldn't justify the price at around $3.50 per bag .. I tried to find a chearper way and still have them look cute. Our splurges were the wedding chicks canvas bags and the bubba kegs! So I Decied to print my own sticker (6.00 for 100) and order small red paper bags (5.00 for 4 dozen) I will post one when they are done I'll be stuffing them in Mexico The sticker turned out great! So I will fill the paper bag then fold the top down and place the sticker on to hold it shut .. cute cheap and gets the point across! Excited I found a cheap sloution that still looks cute!
  6. Okay Ladies ... My FAKE ring for Mexico arrived today! A few of you asked me about it so I hope this helps! http://www.overstock.com/Jewelry-Watches/ICZ-Stonez-Sterling-Silver-2-7-8ct-TGW-Cubic-Zirconia-Cushion-cut-Bridal-Engagement-Ring-Set/9576613/product.html?CID=228583&utm_source=strongview&utm_medium=email&utm_content=e&utm_campaign=t_20150122_orderconf I feel like it's hard to give a review without wearing it and getting it wet and seeing how it wears but from first look it looks really good haha I picked the closest style to my real ring as possible the FI loved it as he is very pro me wearing a fake ring for most of our trip minus the wedding day. I just didn't want to worry about it on the boat, at the pool or playing at the beach and it's our wedding and honeymoon so I really wanted to have a ring on my finger! This way we both won't stress about it and we can keep it locked in the room safe. I looked around at a few sites and some fake ring are pricey ( $100 to $300) .. I really didn't want to spend a lot I even considered going the Claire's haha but I looked online and found the one pictured below on Overstock.com it had really good reviews so I just went for it! It was only $18.22 pretty great deal I honestly didn't know what to expect .. but it look pretty nice! This is how it came after I took it out of the small soft yellow envelope it came in This is it on my finger it came with both the Engagement and Wedding Band This is my REAL Ring .. So I think the fake is pretty good for $18.22 haha After I wear it a in Mexico I will leave a full review for it on Overstock.com
  7. @MrsCtoB Haha I know I bought them too! But they are adorbs! Me too! Looks like your almost a week out from you wedding that's amazing! Good Luck! Can't wait to hear about it!
  8. @pddcmc Welcome to Colorado! I moved here about 4 years ago and I LOVE it! I just ordered a fake one if it turns out good I'll let you know! I would do the same thing! Do you have to send it back to have it cleaned? Or fix something on it? @veryvalero Thanks girl! @kcole123 I'm sure yours will look great my mom was supposed to help me but I ended up just busting them all out haha. Pretty colors Coral and Grey. I agree waste of money for 15 min hahaha
  9. Okay ladies we need ties any good site for cheap ties .. FI wants skinny ties and i need them to be peach coral and orange. HELP!
  10. OMG I LOVE I bought the same bags I couldn't help myself I loved them they are so cute!
  11. @pddcmc I think they may be the same vendor ...? Maybe seems like it!
  12. Good to know how many tumbler will fit in a 30 haha .. bummer we don't have that store in the states we went out all weekend looking for cheap luggage .. that sounds like exactly what i need! I'm in the states we got lots of great deals at walmart on glow stuff it totally beat the dollar tree. But we wanted glow beach balls for our bonfire. I found a site called the glowsource but i will have to check out your site!
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