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Paging Lisa (lavalos) !

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Originally Posted by lavalos View Post
Claudia, How was the big dayhuh.gif?? Your siggy pics look great--did you LOVE Gilda!!!! Surprised we didn't run into each other in Cabo. Can't wait to hear and see more!

Take Care!
Our wedding day was awesome but such a blur at moments when I forgot to just relax and take it all in. I really liked Gilda a lot actually and am dying to see the pictures, she's supposed to get them to us by early next week since she was backed up with 2 out of town weddings a few days after ours, which was fine. We mostly just stayed at our wedding and then honeymoon resort instead of going out on the town. When you're at such a gorgeous site you really don't feel like leaving it. bunny_4.gif I'm gonna get my stuff together and post a review here soon. Can't wait to see your pics if that's a teaser in your siggy!

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Congratulations! Welcome back! Everytime new bride comes back and posts about their wedding day, I get so excited...I can't wait for mine!!!!!!!!!

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