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Does anyone have a template they can email me for a who's who for guests at the wedding? I wanted to include it with our itinerary / thank you note in our OOT bags, but haven't a clue where to start and can't access the ones saved on previous topics!


I know I'd like to do names / where they are from / relation to us / space for a room # and a small picture if possible... anything would be a big help!





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I created a welcome book that I was going to share on here when I was done it, made up of some of the templates on here with some of my own tweaks (which won't be till October as I have to take it to the printers, etc) but I can send you a template of that. You will have to change the information and everything but I can send it to you this week :) Have to wait for the drives at work to go back online as we have been having server issues but once that is done, I will send it your way!

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