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  1. @@nmy1216 I did the floating candles and they looked AMAZING. I was really glad that I purchased the set of 12. The ones they provide are very large so they stand out. I originally didn't do the poles wrapped in lights. However, once I was on site the wedding coordinator offered them to me insanely cheap. I paid $100 and had 8 poles wrapped. So i would go for the floating candles and hold off on everything else. The area is well lit. Tucanes site
  2. @elmekies Sarani actually has a full day package that is $5200 but also has an 8 hour package that is $4000. I think the full day includes things like a boudoir session. I tried going on the site, b ut it is under construction. Email Sarani and see can give you a run down of all her packages and what they include.
  3. @@elmekies You will not be sorry with the money spent with Sarani. The photos and videos were so fabulous! I booked the full day package with Sarani (she brings an assistant as well). Sarani is the one that takes those amazing sunset shots. I did the full day, 8 hour package that was 4K. I booked her a year in advance. Sarani's time slots fill up quickly. If you email her she will email back quickly. Also, on her website it shows the days she is already booked. I secured my spot with her then told my wedding coordinator that I was booking Sarani. I also did the full day of video as well.
  4. @@LoLoJabs Hello!! We brought almost all our own decorations. It wound up costing us roughly $150 to give to the resort plus flying them there, but it was sooooo much cheaper than what the resort was offering. We bought cheap luggage at a yard sale and left it in Mexico so that we didn't have to pay for our luggage there and back (saved us some money). We didn't have any problems getting through customs. I had 4 extra bags with decor, gifts, and wedding day supplies. My mom actually made all our bouquets ahead of time using artifical flowers. I was against it at first, but you can't even tell in our photos. And now I have my flowers displayed in my house and they are and will forever be just as vibrant as our wedding day. Just something to think about!
  5. We got our mini clip video from Sarani last night and I just wanted to share. Sarani and Her team were amazing with our videography and photography. I recommend them 100%. We splurged and got the full day video and photo. Any way I can help you with your special day please let me know Www.Vimeo.com/117213461
  6. Just wanted to recommend Sarani for anyone looking for a photographer!! Just got a sample of some of my photos. If you want to check them out here is the link: http://www.saraniphotography.com/portfolio/#/nichole-john-sensatori We got married at El Dorado Royale Gazebo 55 and our reception was at Tucanes.
  7. Just wanted to post some pictures for you guys I had the most fabulous wedding on November 16th. The wedding coordinator onsite (Erin) was fabulous!! The whole resort was amazing and our guests really loved everything. Not one compliant! The weather was beautiful too (except the whole honeymoon haha) With that being said if anyone needs any help planning or anything at all please contact me. I know that this board helped me so much when I was planning
  8. @@Twatts83 I made a welcome guide for our guests and they could record the room numbers on there. The first day that everyone arrived we all met at the Martinis bar for drinks and everyone was able to exchange room numbers. However, the front desk will give out the room numbers if you need them. A lot of our guest did purchase wifi and used facebook messaging to get in contact with one another. I have attached a copy of our welcome guide [
  9. @@Twatts83 I just got back from my wedding so I have lots of information. Our wedding was at 4pm, but it didn't start on time. I would say it started more like 4:15 and was over about 4:45. We originally had a cocktail hour, but we nixed it last minute and decided to add more time with our videographer instead. TOTALLY WORTH IT!! You are taking so many photos that you don't even have time to enjoy the cocktail hour. Most of our guests even were needed for photos as well. So all of our guests went to JoJos bar and had some cocktails and food until we were done with photos. There is lots to do in between the wedding and the reception which was a main concern of mine. Your guests will be thrilled to freshen up too if it is a hot day. Our reception was at Tucanes and it was WONDERFUL! We all even jumped into the pool at the end of the night! The onsite wedding Coordinator Erin is simply amazing and will help you with everything. Feel free to private message me if you have more questions because I literally just got home last night hahaha. I know this board helped me a lot along the way @@SoontobeMrsP2014 How was your wedding on Sunday???? Wasn't the weather AMAZING??? We really got lucky!! I hope yours was as beautiful as ours. What a great place El Dorado really was @@kamelia054 We went to dolphin discovery and swam with the manatees and dolphins. Worth every penny!! However, we didn't plan any tours with our guests because we wanted to make sure everyone had time to have a vacation while they were there. Some guests did excursions and some just laid by the pool all day. We also did half day at the Tulum ruins. They were a beautiful site to see as welll
  10. @@SoontobeMrsP2014 ARE YOU?? What time are you getting married? Our ceremony is at 4pm at Gazebo 55 and then reception at 6 at Tucanes. I am so happy to hear about the weather. I was really freaking out a bit
  11. Hi girls!! Anyone getting married this weekend like me? I am freaking out about the weather!! I get married on Sunday 80% chance of rain
  12. My wedding is next Sunday and I leave in 5 days for Mexico. Any last minute advice? I finally got my WC to change my appointment with the coordinator. Have TONS of bags packed haha! Anything specific to ask the onsite WC? Anything to mention when we arrive? Anything at all to reccommend?? I am one nervous bride
  13. Hello past brides, Has anyone had a problem with their on site meeting with the Wedding Coordinator? Marisol just told me that mine is Saturday at 11am. We come in on Thursday so I originally requested Thursday or Friday. We have a pre-paid excursion we booked with all of our family and friends on Saturday am. She is telling me that this can't be changed and it's the only slot available. Anyone have a similar situation that you can give me some advice on? Not to mention I am going to have about 7 suitcases full of items before I hand them off to the WC at this meeting. Thanks, Nicki
  14. Does anyone know about how many bartenders and waiters there are at the reception? I am getting together my tip envelopes and want to have a better idea. We are having 39 guests at our reception and it will be at the Tucanes bar. Also, what are some apprpriate tip amounts? -Bartenders -Waitstaff -Wedding Coordinator -DJ -Emcee with the DJ -also I read not to tip the videographer and photographers....is this standard?
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