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@@samilein Very Pretty! The centre pieces are kind of what I'm looking for too! but I didn't see anything like that in in the sheet she sent me.... did you send it to her? Is that the same runner you will be using? What are your colours by the way?

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Yes, I had found the pictures on Pinterest... and I emailed them to Carolina - for the gazebo beach pieces - I'll post the other pics I saw as part of that wedding too for you to see - I'm asking for a small cake to cut and cupcakes for the guests...

Oh and my colours are blush pink and gold

I would like to create the table numbers if I can - again just depending on how much to bring down.

The flower puffs - I've seen them made out of silk or it's like a sponge type material - but look and feel nice too - just again - all about space on what I can bring in that way...it's hard not to get into everything when you see all of the fabulous Pinterest posts lol!

As for the table runners and smaller centre pieces - those I found from a wedding at Jellyfish so I'm still trying to clarify if Carolina can sources the exact same - but I sent her all of my pictures through email in a pdf (not sure if I can attach it here) but I can if you like email you the word copy so you could edit it up if you'd find that helpful ...

I'll try and attach the pics now for the rest of that wedding I had found and originally wanted to bring to life in DR

Here they are...sorry picture overload lol

Oh and I liked this idea too ... I saw that at bowrings they have a box of pearls on for $3.99 clearance and thought this would be very pretty for the head table or where the favours will be ...






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Love all your Ideas! So Pretty! Love the Tiny Cake idea and the pearls and the candle! What kind of favours are you doing...I'm doing a message in a bottle thing.


I'm having and identity crisis with my theme...lol...but basically my colours are Blue Green Gold Silver and A deep pink... I will find you some pictures later and show you..it's really hard to explain...lol I have some picture Frames that may be perfect for you that I bought and now not going to use here's a picture...you can have them if you like :)







HAPPY WEDDING DAY!!!! Congrats to you and your new Husband!  I hope it's everything you've dreamed of! Can't wait to hear all about it when you come back :) 

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Thank you as for favours - I know/believe the jellyfish has small bottles of rum for $5 each so that is an option I want to discuss with mark.

At first I wanted to have small mason jars - my last name is mason so because I'm giving away my last name I thought that would cute or too corny? Lol

I wanted to out something in them like sweets but not sure how I'd stop it from melting and how heavy would it be to bring the small ones ... I like your idea of a message in a bottle - that's really fitting

What message are you going to put in them?

Are your ordering them remade or creating them?


Your colours sound lovely and I'm sure through the flowers and table decor you can incorporate them nicely it will be very tropical and cheerful maybe you can get some broken glass - I saw that too at bowrings for $3.99 on clearance - maybe you can add the blue and green sea theme into a vase with candles and sand too - or have it scattered around the base of the vases? A nice deep pink - maybe the flowers - pink lillies? Definitely tropical - they have those in one of their packages so maybe Carolina could help quote 3 per vase for each table?

And then you can use gold and silver with your table numbers?

This picture frames are lovely?

I would love to buy them from you if you are sure you weren't going to use them ... How many do you have?

Right now I think we will have about 7 tables (if it's 8 people to a table)



Congratulations on your wedding day - I'm super excited to hear all about it too

These are a few pics on Pinterest if that helps describe what I was saying above @@Meandhim ????

Do share some of your pictures too ???? if you like.

It's so nice to be able to share in this planning of our weddings ????

This was my idea but to fill the jar with something - hmm?

And a tag that says "love is sweet" or "a sweet ending to a new beginning"




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Thanks! I'll PM you some pictures!


There are 2 photographers there, we got Christian. There is also a girl but we didnt' get to choose. I think they're both quite good, we were happy with our photos, other than the fact that we had to rush cause our ceremony was late (my fault) and we were running out of light after all the family photos. We also forgot to do a group shot, very sad about that but what can you do :)


Food was pretty good, lots of options to choose from. We did a plated mean with an app, a main and a dessert. We opted not to do our cake for dessert and to do it later on. If you do it for dessert, they have a fruit option that you can add to your cake.  i'm sure you could do ice cream as well. 


The cake... was amazing! We did a 2 tier exactly as it was shown in our package. We asked for all chocolate but for some reason the top tier came as Vanilla. The chocolate bottom tier was maybe the best chocolate cake I've ever had and definitely the best wedding cake i've had. I thought it was so good and we had so much left over i just kept eating it for the rest of the week! 


DJ Mannia was provided to us and he was amazing. You fill out a sheet they give you ahead of time that asks you what kind of music you like and what you don't like. All of your dances like entrance, first dance, father daughter, last dance etc and he downloads everything you need and takes care of that. We also had him cut some of our dances short to make more time for everyone else. It's $900 for 4 hours of DJ with lights and balloons. I think there might be an option to just have the DJ but no lights or anything? $650 maybe? I'd ask Carolina about that if you're trying to save money might be an option but I wouldn't have changed ours. It was great. Only wish it could have gone on longer :)



Can you share some pics when you have a chance?

please...totally curious to see what everything was like and hoping the photographer snapped some pics of the set up too?

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I have 6 of the frames I think...I got them at the dolllaramma...you can have them for free if you want them I can check the dollaramma next to my place where I got them to see if they have 2 or 3 more.


I found a supplier for the small bottles of rum online one time...I'll look back through my notes and see if I find the link for you.

I'm going to make my favours myself. I had a friend bring back two bags of sand from Punta Cana last week and I have shells from the first time we went 8 years ago. I'm going to use Bakers twin though instead of raffia. I'm just going to put our names and date on one side and Punta Cana on the other here's my inspiration:




Going to try the first demo this weekend


Here is some of my other inspiration:







I have actually started a planning thread where I'm posting all my planning HERE There are more pictures and stuff there. You should start one too! I love reading about other peoples planning and seeing all the pictures and stuff. I love this thread in particular because we are getting married at the same place :)




Edit: Found the Link : http://www.dominicanfavors.com/

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Thank you @@Meandhim

Those pictures are lovely.

Oh I'll try for a planning thread too - that's a great idea. I think I've read some before or whatever was in our links pages.


Here is a site I found too

https://m.beau-coup.comall for favours.


I love the bottle idea - very nice


Where about a are you?

I should check dollars a too. Those frames are very nice and would definitely work

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I'm in TO at Broadview and Danforth...I notice your profile says Waterloo... Do you come to Toronto at all??



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Hey ladies, 


I love hearing all of your wedding planning ideas! Its always good to bounce ideas off of someone. Whenever I start talking about the nitty gritty details with my fiance, his eyes start to glaze over, lol. And when I talk to my bridesmaids, I always feel guilty. I have this fear of being one of those brides who only talk about their wedding, so I only give bare bones details.  The only person who cares about all the details is my mom, lol. 


@samilein and @Meandhim  I love your design ideas. I agree it been really tough trying decide how much stuff to bring from home. 


I recently went to a wedding where they gave small bottles of pink moscato as the wedding favor. My fiance loved the idea so I'm thinking that we may do that. One of my DIY projects was  using wine corks with flowers glued on top as my escort card, so it matches that theme.  I'm just not sure what the rules are on transporting large volumes of alcohol. Ill try to add my inspiration pictures, but Im not quite sure how to do that  ^_^


324751823104996166  (grr I dont know how to put a picture in this thing)



 I also just realized that time is flying by!! How is it already May? I have most of the big stuff figured out. We have a photographer, just agreed on an officiant, my dress has arrived at the shop, bridesmaids dresses are ordered. But now I have to take care of all the details. Make the invitations, dress fittings, find shoes, help my mom find a dress and decide on all the small minutia- what color chair, do I want cushions, sashes, flowers...it's so much. I am happy with my decision to have the ceremony at Jellyfish, but it definitely adds the stress on making small decisions that I was hoping to avoid. Oh well. 


@Kerrierf  Congratulations on your wedding day! I'm sure it was absolutely lovely! Can't wait to see pictures. 


Question: Are you all planning on doing a rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding get together? If so what have you decided to do? 


Sorry if my post is all over the place, very stream of conscious, lol. 

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