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  1. @@prostar113 We just returned from our wedding a few days ago. Here are some answers to your questions: Anyone do the symbolic ceremony? How long did it go? Did you still have to sign anything after the ceremony? If not, we'll have to make up something to sign after to get that official feel to it. I saw the question asked but I don't think I really saw an answer. Yes we did. I would say about 20 minutes. We signed a certificate at the end of the ceremony, as did 2 of our witnesses. I didn't realize we would need witnesses to sign too, since we had our legal ceremony at home a few day
  2. @@shevette925 Thanks for a great review! It was very helpful! Question: did it rain the whole time you were there? I'm checking the forecast for my wedding and it's all rain @@Meandhim Congratulations!! I hope your wedding day was everything you wanted and more! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  3. Hi everyone! Wow it's a busy time for us all! @@Meandhim 6 days to go!! Are you already in the DR? any last minute things you thought of or tips you can offer? can't wait to hear all about your wedding! also i think we are tipping the WC. @@MandyMc @@shevette925 Congratulations on getting married and becoming a Mrs! please do share your experiences with us when you have a moment!
  4. @@Kerrierf thanks so much can for your quick response! Would you believe I have more questions? Lol 1. We are staying in the Punta Cana section too. What building were you in? I've heard 2000 or 3000 is good? 2. Are you referring to las Torres? I'm thinking we will just do the Behique in the PC section since its close. 3. Did Carolina or your wc come to your rehearsal? 4. I hope we don't have to wait too long for the a la cartes. I'm hoping the resort won't be too busy when we go in December. 5. We are thinking of doing. Our cocktail hour at the Punta Cana lobby bar. We a
  5. @@Beachgirl622 Hi! Did Carolina confirm that your dinner would start at 6pm? I was told that the earliest we could start was 6:30pm as they would need time to set up from lunch service. @@Kerrierf I'm not sure if you are still checking these boards, but thought I would try anyway. I hope you are enjoying married life! I have a couple questions: 1. where is the wedding gazebo located? Punta Cana or Palace section? 2. what section did you stay in? 3. which buffet restaurant did you like the best? we would like to have a rehearsal dinner in one of them. 4. was it difficult for you and your g
  6. @@dreia85 Thanks for sending! but yea, not so interesting, huh? re the spa, I feel like they should be good, since they probably do this often - that is my hope at least! I also feel better since a trial is provided. @@Beachgirl622 No, they are not charging for the welcome buffet - that I know of! I've hear DJ Mannia is good. I've booked them for my beach bash. I've decided that i want to choose all my music though, so I'm going to sending them a list of all the songs I want, and I'm going to bring the songs on a USB. i'll bring music on my ipad for the ceremony. Question for all: w
  7. @@dreia85 @@Beachgirl622 @@shevette925 @@Meandhim Glad to see everyone is back and active on here. It's been a while! Our wedding is just after/before all of yours, and I'm happy to say I've finally made some decisions! We will do a welcome cocktail party at which we will give out our welcome bags. We will also host a rehearsal dinner at one of the buffet restaurants (any suggestions?) the day before our wedding to which all of guests will be invited (not just the wedding party). We have chosen the Ocean Pearl package and decided to go with the private reception so that we can
  8. @@dreia85 Can you please send me the documents for the welcome gifts too? I'd also like to know about the restaurant reservation. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, for those who used/are using an outside vendor and have booked a room for them instead of paying the vendor fee, do you have to include the vendor in your guest list and seating chart for dinner?
  10. @@Kerrierf for the private beach bash, are drinks included? I know it includes the private bar and bartender, so i would ASSUME that they are included, but just want to make sure since it does not explicitly say. Also, did you pay the $16US/person for open bar during your dinner?
  11. @@Beachgirl622 Thanks! Do you happen to have the special pricing? I think we are going to go with the private reception too. Why do you think it should be extra if the restaurants have bars by their entrances? Does anyone have photos of the hair and makeup done by the spa?
  12. @@Beachgirl622 Great thanks! Questions: 1. for the private dinner, are speakers and wireless microphone included? 2. are there no bars in the restaurants?? i can't, for the life of me, understand why we must pay a per person cost for cocktails, liquor, etc. at our rehearsal dinner and wedding dinner when we are at an all-inclusive resort! Anyone?
  13. Hi all, for those doing their hair and/or makeup at the spa, where did you find info on the group discounts for your whole bridal party?
  14. @@Meandhim Thanks! Yea I think we are leaning more and more towards me using the app. I'm going to try to test it out this wkd - almost have all my music now. Hair and makeup I will probably end up letting the spa do it. We have similar items in our bags. I'm doing personalized tumblers and first aid kits in ours as well. Where did you find cheap travel advil and pepto?
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