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  1. That's what we have decided on as well :-) very excited for the JF! I feel like we will have more options and the privacy is a great bonus that we would like to honour our special day with.
  2. @@Jc14 you're very welcome. It's important for us all to help each other out where we can ;-) I hope he relies back to you and will honour Canadian funds :-)
  3. @@Jc14 I booked directly through pastor Rick (he then said that pastor Mark is available for our date) He quotes in USD and then I emailed him back and said that I had been rendered to him by Kim Machan from Canadian destination brides Facebook page and understand that for Canadian brides he is helping us all due to the exchange, would he be able to do that for us - hope that helps. I would suggest emailing him back and asking no harm done and every bit counts - I know He emailed he and said he accepts Canadian so I did it via PayPal and the deposit with. $1 fee came to $101.00 cad. @@Jc14 rickandsuzanneyork@@gmail.com
  4. To all brides who had/are having a symbolic ceremony and are using Pastor Rick or Mark: - did you book and pay through Carolina? or through the pastor? - how much did you pay? - did you have communication with the pastor prior to your trip, or only on the day of your wedding? - is there a vendor fee for using a pastor? @@Jc14 I/we booked pastor Mark (through pastor Rick) via email - the fee quoted was $400 Canadian (yes he accepts Canadian ) for the ceremony - he emailed me two ceremonies and said that we can remove or add or combine - Our deposit was $100 Canadian ... The balance we need to pay to pastor Mark (cash) Carolina sent me an email and said that there is no outside vendor fee for pastor Mark or pastor Rick - but better email her and have that in writing just in case is my recommendation.
  5. @@Meandhim Whhhaaat??? Really? $30 for each small arrangement with 1 rose, 1 baby's breath and 1 hydrangea ... wow...she definitely quoted me $12/arrangement, so it will be $24 total as id like two per table... I've sent her tons of emails too it's so hard trying to get all the information completed so that you know exact what "budget" you're working with and that's my fear...getting to the resort and ending up with a surprise ... The one thing I will do if I choose the resort vs. the JF, or either really is print all emails and highlight prices and stuff/arrangements -
  6. @@Meandhim yes I do head out towards Brampton, Mississauga and Milton so TO isn't that much further ... I can send you a message once I'm heading that way again - probably June sometime if that isn't too far away @@Kerrierf So happy you had a fabulous time!! Will catch up on all the posts I've missed but I did read briefly that you are back and had an incredible wedding!! So happy for you.
  7. Thank you @@Meandhim Those pictures are lovely. Oh I'll try for a planning thread too - that's a great idea. I think I've read some before or whatever was in our links pages. Here is a site I found too https://m.beau-coup.comall for favours. I love the bottle idea - very nice Where about a are you? I should check dollars a too. Those frames are very nice and would definitely work
  8. @@rebeccalane Can you share some pics when you have a chance? please...totally curious to see what everything was like and hoping the photographer snapped some pics of the set up too? ☺
  9. @@Meandhim Thank you as for favours - I know/believe the jellyfish has small bottles of rum for $5 each so that is an option I want to discuss with mark. At first I wanted to have small mason jars - my last name is mason so because I'm giving away my last name I thought that would cute or too corny? Lol I wanted to out something in them like sweets but not sure how I'd stop it from melting and how heavy would it be to bring the small ones ... I like your idea of a message in a bottle - that's really fitting What message are you going to put in them? Are your ordering them remade or creating them? Your colours sound lovely and I'm sure through the flowers and table decor you can incorporate them nicely it will be very tropical and cheerful maybe you can get some broken glass - I saw that too at bowrings for $3.99 on clearance - maybe you can add the blue and green sea theme into a vase with candles and sand too - or have it scattered around the base of the vases? A nice deep pink - maybe the flowers - pink lillies? Definitely tropical - they have those in one of their packages so maybe Carolina could help quote 3 per vase for each table? And then you can use gold and silver with your table numbers? This picture frames are lovely? I would love to buy them from you if you are sure you weren't going to use them ... How many do you have? Right now I think we will have about 7 tables (if it's 8 people to a table) @@Kerrierf Congratulations on your wedding day - I'm super excited to hear all about it too These are a few pics on Pinterest if that helps describe what I was saying above @@Meandhim ???? Do share some of your pictures too ???? if you like. It's so nice to be able to share in this planning of our weddings ???? This was my idea but to fill the jar with something - hmm? And a tag that says "love is sweet" or "a sweet ending to a new beginning"
  10. @@Meandhim Yes, I had found the pictures on Pinterest... and I emailed them to Carolina - for the gazebo beach pieces - I'll post the other pics I saw as part of that wedding too for you to see - I'm asking for a small cake to cut and cupcakes for the guests... Oh and my colours are blush pink and gold I would like to create the table numbers if I can - again just depending on how much to bring down. The flower puffs - I've seen them made out of silk or it's like a sponge type material - but look and feel nice too - just again - all about space on what I can bring in that way...it's hard not to get into everything when you see all of the fabulous Pinterest posts lol! As for the table runners and smaller centre pieces - those I found from a wedding at Jellyfish so I'm still trying to clarify if Carolina can sources the exact same - but I sent her all of my pictures through email in a pdf (not sure if I can attach it here) but I can if you like email you the word copy so you could edit it up if you'd find that helpful ... I'll try and attach the pics now for the rest of that wedding I had found and originally wanted to bring to life in DR Here they are...sorry picture overload lol Oh and I liked this idea too ... I saw that at bowrings they have a box of pearls on for $3.99 clearance and thought this would be very pretty for the head table or where the favours will be ...
  11. @@Meandhim Ja I sent her this picture and she quoted about $70 USD per arrangement (maybe less) I have a lady here making my bouquet, coursages and boutineers - she also said she can create what I'm looking for (approx. $50 Canadian each) but probably easier to have it fresh in DR - already transporting the other floral stuff Carolina also quoted about $18 USD for each table runner (gold/lace) and $12 per small centre piece - 1 rose, baby's breath and hydrangea - I was going to do 2 smaller are augments per table ... I'll post some pics
  12. @@Kerrierf It's almost your big day!! Congratulations. Can't wait to read about your experience - and see some pictures I'm sure the beach bash will be a lot of fun!! Oh and to answer the question on wedding package - I too am looking at the silver renewal package because that I can customize the flower arrangements on the gazebo/wooden beach structure. The exact word is missing right now lol I've been told by Carolina that you can take away from the Karen Bussen packages, but due to their agreements and to honour her designs you are limited when it comes to substituting or adding in... I'm still on the fence though about the JF (jellyfish) as we are definitely having less people than we originally thought - but still kind of pricey too - I can't wait to see pictures of all of your experiences at GP...
  13. @@rebeccalane So happy to hear that you had a great experience Really enjoyed reading your review. Did you get to choose your photographer? Can't wait to see some of your pics if don't mind uploading them ☺ How was the food? Did you opt for a plated meal or a buffet? And the cake/cupcakes ... lol... And the DJ...was he/she good - did you send them a lot of songs or decide on some genres? Congratulations again!
  14. @@Beachgirl622 I know what you mean...I'm a little thoughtful of the food also ... In all honesty I'm still torn between the jellyfish and the resort. The JF definitely a little more price wise but then it also includes appetizers with cocktail hour where as at the resort, I believe from my research so far, you receive a toast and then it's the lobby bar until the restaurant will open at 6:30pm As for the Bohio or Arecife, I looked the GP website once Carolina had given me the two options for a group our size and decided immediately that the Bohio was my preference ...the Arecife to me looked a little too much like an aquarium lol...so that's how I made my choice :-) if the wedding happens at the resort. I asked Carolina for pictures because, I don't know about you but I've had a hard time finding pictures of weddings other than the package pictures and those are what she sent me... Now I also had her quote a small flower arrangement for each table and the table runners - name cards if we choose seating arrangements, we'd bring with us.
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