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So I am officially done making my DIY boarding pass invites and I'm about to stuff envelopes and apply postage. i had a question about etiquette though!


There will be a few girlfriends I am seeing this weekend (everyone who will be together is invited to the wedding)... Is it ok not to bother placing these in the mail, and simply hand deliver them (I will still have the envelopes addressed)? Or is that in bad taste? I just would rather not spend the money on postage if I'm going to see them before the mailman will even make it to their doorstep!


Also- as a side question- would you put everyone's names on the envelope? (Kids etc), or would you address it

A) "Smith Family"

B.) "Mr and Mrs Smith and family"

C) "Mr and Mrs Smith"


We want everyone to know that their kids are invited, and when they go to our online RSVP via our website, all the kids names have been preloaded under the parents names.



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I think its perfectly fine to hand deliver invitations, I did! We also got the best man (my FI cousin) to deliver our save the dates to my FI side of the family as they see each other on a daily basis.


I addressed our save the dates to everyone invited, so  John, Jane, Jim and James Doe etc, just to make sure everyone feels included! Hope that helps!

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What about the whole "Mr/Mrs"? Is it impolite to just address them by their full name (John & Mary Doe)


Akkk we are so not formal in normal situations but don't want to insult anyone!



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