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Hindu Wedding In Cancun/riveria Maya

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Congrats @@kmistry and all brides! My fiancé and I decided to have our Filipino-Indian at Azul Fives primarily since it's a smaller resort and they only do one wedding per day, but they can still accommodate a wedding of up to 200 people. Karisma is known for their food and they offer a small Indian catering menu. We're hoping to go back to Azul Fives before the wedding to do a tasting of the Indian menu, but we did attend the "Bride's Dress Rehearsal" which I highly recommend and we got to try the non-Indian good which was very good. Through Karisma's somewhat complicated wedding coordination group, they offer Indian elements for the wedding. However I want to have a henna artist and they only have one vendor. I asked to see samples of the artist's work and they haven't been able to provide me with any yet. If anyone who's had their Indian wedding at a Karisma hotel can provide insight or tips, I'd greatly appreciate them. Good luck with your wedding planning and let me know if you have any questions I could help with!

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