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There are tons of these on here, but I was very proud of these so I wanted to share my OH SH!T KIT with everyone!!! I borrowed ideas from MANY different templates--so thank you past brides for sharing your great ideas!!!!






SurvivalKit Topper.pptx

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Wow! Aren't you clever! That looks really great! What have you decided to put in with them? Are you just going to do a small plastic bag and attach the fold over? What is your plan for printing? Sorry for all the questions..... there are people on here that claim to not be DIYers and then produce something like what youv'e done!! lol Well.... I am truthfully NOT a DIYer in any way, shape or form!!  I want to do something like this, but we have such a small group I don't know if it will be worth it or not. It definitely wouldn't be expensive for a small group. Is this easy to edit if I wanted to steal any part of it???? lol

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Thank you!!! I'm OCD so it took me forever to get them the way I wanted them!! My husband LOVES them too!! :)  We haven't totally decided what is going to go inside but they will contain these for sure:











So far that is all we've decided on.... We are going to do a medium sized bag to fill with the contents... Most likely I am going to print the labels on cardstock and attached them to the bags... either that or buy avery printable bag toppers... They are already sticky so you just have to apply them to the bag!! 





I am also having a small turn out... Around 20 or so-- I just want to give my guests some fun things in their welcome bag... WE decided to spend a bit more than we had planned on our guests welcome gifts since they are spending so much to share our special day!!!  


The template is completely editable! It would be very simple for you to delete our logo and add your own or add any picture or just delete completely... You can remove or edit everything on the template!!!


Hope this helps!!!



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