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Read Before Booking Brilliant Event Designs- Los Cabos -

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Hello All :)


I feel as though I need to post my review to warn any other poor bride like myself that is trying to book a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas with not many reviews or many resources to rely on when choosing your vendors.


I was married last month 11/16/13 in Cabo San Lucas , Mexico @ the sunset mono lisa restaurant and used this company as my wedding planner.


I hired Brilliant Events to coordinate my wedding and put my trust in that when you hire a company that markets to you that they are a distinguished "wedding planner " they will make sure that the details a bride wants nothing more to be perfect on her wedding day are carried out with every attention to detail handled with a white glove.

These are the items that went wrong on my wedding day:

* spent about $200 dollars to get my wedding party over to the restaurant to run through the wedding and when we arrived another wedding was going on and she said she was not made aware of that but assured us we would get through this obstacle . We walked in and went over the order of who would walk w who and then due to the wedding going on couldn't walkthrough the actual walkthrough of the wedding. I at that time didn't think it was a huge deal. (My first wedding ) Her being the wedding planner I think should have insisted we run through the wedding some where else.

So come day of the wedding I walk down the aisle my father has no idea what to do at the end of the aisle it was so awkward. I had no idea where to stand and it made that moment very sad and awkward when that was the moment I should remember and treasure for ever when my father gave me away but when I think about it makes me angry that the wedding planner didn't do her job for which I paid her for.

* 2nd - when I showed up at the venue all the guests were outside and saw me pull up which ruined that moment

*3rd - they played the here comes the bride music when my bridal party started to walk. Another huge moment ruined.

4th- the wedding planner had asked some of my guests to tell the other guests where to sit

5th- the funnel for my sand ceremony wasn't in the vase so when we poured the sand went everywhere.

6th- they played the wrong first dance song

7th- some of the flower center pieces that I requested and were on my final contract were not even at the reception at all!!!!!


So if those things aren't important to you on your wedding day give Brooke at Brilliant Event Designs in Cabo a call!!

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