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Amazing Photographer, Tulum, Mexico Area - La Buena Vida Photography

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Hi everyone,


I've been seeing a lot of threads regarding the need for a great photographer for destination weddings and I just had to rave about our photographer.


I found La Buena Vida Photography by fluke looking at reviews for the Tulum area of Mexico.  They were recommended by one of the reviewers so I checked out their website and loved the pictures they have up.  They are a husband and wife team, Barbara and Manuel Luna.  I sent them an email message and from there my destination wedding experience has skyrocketed from sorta tolerably enthused to amazing excitement and want the day to be here tomorrow!!


I wasn't sure what to expect from a photographer, having been the first time we've hired one and Barbara has been all kinds of helpful.  And I don't just mean photography wise.  She walked through the entire process with me and has provided ALL additional advice and help as she knows the area really really well.


I went from planning a boring resort wedding to planning an event to remember off-resort.  I told her what I was looking for and she gave some suggestions of how it can be done.  She really takes the time to get to know the couple and understand your tastes and personalities.  Check out the work on their website, you won't be disappointed: 

http://www.labuenavidaphotography.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LaBuenaVidaPhotography


She has actually become my impromptu wedding planner, and I couldn't be more happy.  


ANYONE looking for a photographer in Mexico should first contact the Luna's as they will ensure your wedding day is an amazing one!


Our wedding is March 27, 2014 and I'll post a reply after the date to let everyone know how it went.


Our schedule is as follows so far:


Mayan ceremony

Sand ceremony

cocktail hour



TTD session the next day with the Luna's


Check back with everyone soon!!!


Happy wedding planning!!!

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Congrats Icamzpas !!! both on your upcoming dw and also on finding such an awesome photographer / wedding co-ordinator ....Wow! great find, for sure :)


Hope it all works out just the way you envision, and pls let us know how it went after your Big Day - Cheers!!




Photography Is Forever Studios  400

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