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  1. Has anyone gotten any flack from their families for doing a mayan wedding ceremony instead of a christian or a catholic one? Mine does not understand it and think's it is paganism and blasphemous. We are still going to have it though because it is very much in line with my FI and my beliefs about the world with God being at the centre. We're just not having the typical traditional one. Sigh
  2. lcamzpas

    Losing Weight for the New Year/Your Wedding

    Hi there, Can you share your meal plan. I have about 60 lbs to lose before the big day in 6 months and we are also working out so a meal plan would be a lot of help. Thanks.
  3. Barbara Luna with La Buena Vida Photography http://www.labuenavidaphotography.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LaBuenaVidaPhotography She's my photographer and wedding coordinator when communication broke down with my resort, did not receive responses to my emails for weeks on end she offered to help. She stated from the beginning that she would be available to assist in any way and she is quick on responses and has our vision as to how we would like the day to go She's not just a photographer she has a background in the service industry and planning events! She's amazing!
  4. lcamzpas

    how are you including your step kids

    we're including her in the sand ceremony where our officiant will say something about each one of us and the role we all play as a family and we're giving her a small gift as well but i saw that post about including her in the cake cutting and i think that would also be a great idea
  5. Hi everyone, I've been seeing a lot of threads regarding the need for a great photographer for destination weddings and I just had to rave about our photographer. I found La Buena Vida Photography by fluke looking at reviews for the Tulum area of Mexico. They were recommended by one of the reviewers so I checked out their website and loved the pictures they have up. They are a husband and wife team, Barbara and Manuel Luna. I sent them an email message and from there my destination wedding experience has skyrocketed from sorta tolerably enthused to amazing excitement and want the day to be here tomorrow!! I wasn't sure what to expect from a photographer, having been the first time we've hired one and Barbara has been all kinds of helpful. And I don't just mean photography wise. She walked through the entire process with me and has provided ALL additional advice and help as she knows the area really really well. I went from planning a boring resort wedding to planning an event to remember off-resort. I told her what I was looking for and she gave some suggestions of how it can be done. She really takes the time to get to know the couple and understand your tastes and personalities. Check out the work on their website, you won't be disappointed: http://www.labuenavidaphotography.com/ https://www.facebook.com/LaBuenaVidaPhotography She has actually become my impromptu wedding planner, and I couldn't be more happy. ANYONE looking for a photographer in Mexico should first contact the Luna's as they will ensure your wedding day is an amazing one! Our wedding is March 27, 2014 and I'll post a reply after the date to let everyone know how it went. Our schedule is as follows so far: Mayan ceremony Sand ceremony cocktail hour dinner dancing TTD session the next day with the Luna's Check back with everyone soon!!! Happy wedding planning!!!
  6. How did you handle the no-dancing afterwards?
  7. This is a beautiful reading!!! It's perfect for what I want to do. We're going to present his daughter with a locket during the ceremony THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!
  8. Well I'm getting married in Tulum and have booked my photographer for 4 hours. It'll be a mayan ceremony and we're just having dinner at a resturant at the resort later and then doing a TTD the next day which is a little extra but I know it's going to be well worth it. If anyone is looking for a photographer please check out the one we are using. http://www.labuenavidaphotography.com/ It's Barbara Luna and her husband. They have been amazing throughout the process and are also helping us plan with ideas and offering any assistance at all over and above photography. Absolutely amazing couple I can't say enough good things about them. Check out their website and shoot them an email or give them a call for more information.
  9. OMG Your photos are AMAZING!!! You can see how much you both love each other in every single one of them!