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  1. good choice angie04 - after all, the beach is the biggest attraction in our incomparable Mayan Riviera....good thinking to capitalize on that All the best with your plans! Photography Is Forever Studios
  2. Yes - it's such an Exciting time for sure!!! and how awesome to have this much lead time to get your details just the way you want them - great start already......Enjoy your journey, and Congrats all!!! Photography Is Forever Studios
  3. you're so Right, amarie4713! Lots of great info here to help with planning decisions, and lend support (or lean on it - whichever you need at the time) to all your fellow wedding couples here - Enjoy your journey!!! Photography Is Forever Studios p.s. being based in Playa del Carmen, we're totally biased toward thinking Mexico is The Best......lol
  4. Welcome to the forum, Ellyn and Congrats on your upcoming RUI Palace Wedding!!! all the resources here are sure to help you with your planning decisions......enjoy your journey!!! Photography Is Forever Studios
  5. Hi Debora, Welcome to the forum, and Congrats on your upcoming Punta Cana wedding! Here's a link to the Punta Cana weather in January where you can see you're most likely to have very comfortable weather conditions for your wedding. Having lived in the DR for 9 years, I can tell you that Jan has Much more comfortable weather than July !!! so you made the right choice and decision. Sending you all the best for an Amazing Wedding Celebration like you Dream of.....Enjoy!!! Photography Is Forever Studios
  6. What a Beautiful Wedding, emmyss!!! looks like it was an Amazingly Wonderful Wedding Celebration.....Congrats!!! wishing you all the best on your journey going forward....Enjoy Photography Is Forever Studios
  7. Wow Snoopy129 - what an Awesome review and experience - THx so much for sharing! would LUV to see you looking fabulous in some photos of your Big Day... pls share when you are able to......and Congrats on what sounds like a Wonderful Wedding Celebration - Cheers! Photography Is Forever Studios
  8. You're in Great company here, Melissa! wishing you all the best with your wedding planning for your Special Day in 2016!!! you have lots of time to research and choose the best plans to fit your dreams.......Enjoy your journey! Photography Is Forever Studios
  9. Welcome to our forum community, JGunther27, and Congrats on your June wedding at the Barcelo Palace next year!!! yes, their outside vendor fee is a consideration when working within a budget for sure. We have an exceptionally talented and creative artist-photographer who might be just whom you're looking for! (and fits your budget) Naiara worked with Top Studios in our area for years as a second shooter, and is now branching out on her own, so offers entry level pricing - which won't last long - and is an amazing value!!! Here's a sample to show you some of her wonderful talent in photo-story-telling.......enjoy! Photography Is Forever Studios
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