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TORN Between Hotels-HELP!

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Hi Ladies..... I need your help!  smile105.gif

     I am looking to book a resort for my wedding which will be next year. The wedding will be offsite, but I need a resort that has lots to do and my guest will will not be bored. I have narrowed down my resorts to two and need your help ladies. I will be having a photographer to come to the resort, but is not looking to pay an arm and a leg to have them there. Do they have guest passes where a guest can come onto the property?

Please offer your thoughts and suggestions on the following resorts.


1.Iberostar Baravo (for my family members traveling with kids) & Iberostar Grand (for me and hubby)

2.Dreams Palm Beach


Thank You!!!!!!    feedback.gif

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I would suggest checking out tripadvisor.  I'm not familiar with these hotels, but I can tell you that Iberostar Bavaro is #1 out of 99 in Punta Cana and Dreams is only 29.  I relied very heavily on the tripadvisor ratings and reviews to pick my spot.  Check it out!!

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