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NEWBIE!! Hawaiian DWB :)

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Originally Posted by emmarshall3 View Post


Hi there! My name is Emily and I just stumbled across this website (and your thread) and was so relieved to see real-life people planning weddings in Hawaii! My fiance and I are planning a May2014 Maui wedding and I've been a tad overwhelmed the last couple of months doing research- I feel like I have looked at the entire internet. At least twice. My plan is to have our ceremony and after return to a private house or resort to have a BBQ and just be with the people who have come to support us.


So far I have basically narrowed down who our photographer will be (Anna Kim) and our ceremony location- Merriman's. It seems like so much but so little at the same time. Are either of you using a wedding planner?


I loved your welcome bag idea- Have you figured out how you are going to get them there yet? Did either of you travel to your location before to speak to vendors and such or have you just done internet research?


Hi Emily! Welcome to our little thread! Lol. Glad someone else is getting married in Hawaii :) I love Anna Kim! I usually see her photographs from Karen Tran's work. I was looking into her but she's based in Maui and I just don't want to pay extra for the travel fee. I'm sure your photos will be gorgeous. I ended up choosing someone who is also well known in Hawaii called Visionari. They are based in Oahu where I'm getting married.


As for a wedding planner, I refuse to pay $3K+ for a day of coordinator especially for a small wedding. In my opinion, it's only worth it for weddings with guests 100+. Even though it's a little more work, I'd like to save that money for something else. Perhaps a 2nd honeymoon. Haha. Anyway, good luck with planning!

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Well I work for an airline so I can tell you to CARRY.YOUR.DRESS.WITH.YOU. The flight crew will be more than happy to put it in the wheelchair closet. It's pretty unlikely it would get lost if you packed it in one of those fold-over garment bags, but that just means wrinkles and more stress. Just don't forget it in the closet when you deplane! 


As far as your welcome bags, it might be easier to ship, but you should look at excess baggage fees (and make sure you stay under max baggage weight) with whichever carrier you are flying. Fed-ex is really expensive so it might just be cheaper to shell out the extra fee to check it with you.


I know what you gals mean about the DIY projects, I am a master procrastinator so I already know I will be doing everything at the last minute. I work better under pressure.

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Originally Posted by aleedoc17 View Post


Sorry it's taken me forever to get back to you. Work has been craazzy busy & I've been sick & trying so hard to work on this magazine & wedding plans! THe magazine is not done but it's coming along great! I'll be sure to take pictures & share with you once it's printed. Probably not until end of June. Hopefully before but not much after!


invitations - being printed as we speak.

dress alterations - needs to get done ASAP


i need to do all you need to do plus more that i can't even think of!


Hello my dear! Hope you are feeling better and everything is going well for you :) I've been looking at things to do in Maui and I CANNOT WAIT!! Are you planning on doing Road to Hana? I think we're going to have to do that on our short stay there... I also wanted to see sunrise at Haleakala. What do you guys have planned?

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We're trying to do the sunrise bike ride with a group but I don't want to do the bike ride. so we might do bike & non-bike tours. & yes the road to Hana. I haven't done it because I'm not a fan of car rides & such but I promised my fiance that I would do it this time!

We're going to rent scooters as part of the "thank you" for our friends for coming out. because there's so many & cheaper. I don't want to just do the bridal party because of their spouses, so I think we agreed we're going to do everyone really.. like our friends!


I'm stressing girlfriend! I had my first dress fitting with some local lady, which was exciting! She said should be good by end of the month for my next "fitting" if anything else needs to be done.


RSVP's due date was June 1st, still getting a few here & there. I have 38 guests! it's crazy! we had to rearrange some things & play with the budget more! 

I need:


~FLOWERS! help me. I need to call my coordinator like this week or early next week so if you could give me some pointers that'd be great.

~flower girl dresses (their mom is making it, but I haven't called to see what's going on, ugh)

~flower girl baskets

~bridesmaid dresses need to come in

~GIFTS! ahh I don't know what to do for the parents, the girls, the flower girls, the guys! my groom, a new laptop! but ugh.


~finish these magazine (which is coming along amazing!)

~welcome bags

~country music play list for the DJ


so much more I can't even think right now! oh lord!

how's things for you!?

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We have about the same amount of guests... 32! Surprisingly I got all the RSVP's! I did have to bug a few people to get them in. Lol. 


Flowers - YES... I would love to help you with flowers! What are your colors? I'll look up some pics and send you some so you could send to your coordinator (if you like the ones I choose).


Gifts - UGH... I don't know what to do either! I know I want to get bridesmaid tank tops but I don't know what else to get them. Makeup?? What is something that all girls love? My fiance has been eyeing watches so I think that'll be his gift :) Not sure what to get our parents. I've already decided to get the groomsmen 


I am starting to freak out! I have so much to do and I start my RN (nursing) program on Monday 6/17. I still have to do pretty much everything I listed before. Lol. I bought the stuff but now it's just a matter of actually putting it together. My MOH and bridesmaids said they would help me with the stuff that I need to do. I just have to relax and not be such a control freak because I always want things done perfectly. I didn't even have them help me with my passport invitations because I wanted to make sure they were done the way I wanted!  Haha. I guess now I have no choice.


I also have to come up with our DJ playlist. These 2 months are going to FLY by!!

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Hi!  I'm getting married a month after you at Gannon's so I keep seeing your username on all the same sites I go to.  Haha :)    I found someone's recently posted youtube video of a ceremony on the Lower Knoll.  I have been looking everywhere for Gannon's wedding pictures, video anything and everything to get me prepared since I am planning from Michigan.  Seeing as you are planning form afar too, I thought this visual might be of some use to you too.  I hope we have clear skies and no traffic on that road though!!!!  


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