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  1. We're trying to do the sunrise bike ride with a group but I don't want to do the bike ride. so we might do bike & non-bike tours. & yes the road to Hana. I haven't done it because I'm not a fan of car rides & such but I promised my fiance that I would do it this time! We're going to rent scooters as part of the "thank you" for our friends for coming out. because there's so many & cheaper. I don't want to just do the bridal party because of their spouses, so I think we agreed we're going to do everyone really.. like our friends! I'm stressing girlfriend! I had my first dress fitting with some local lady, which was exciting! She said should be good by end of the month for my next "fitting" if anything else needs to be done. RSVP's due date was June 1st, still getting a few here & there. I have 38 guests! it's crazy! we had to rearrange some things & play with the budget more! I need: ~FLOWERS! help me. I need to call my coordinator like this week or early next week so if you could give me some pointers that'd be great. ~flower girl dresses (their mom is making it, but I haven't called to see what's going on, ugh) ~flower girl baskets ~bridesmaid dresses need to come in ~GIFTS! ahh I don't know what to do for the parents, the girls, the flower girls, the guys! my groom, a new laptop! but ugh. ~programs ~finish these magazine (which is coming along amazing!) ~welcome bags ~country music play list for the DJ so much more I can't even think right now! oh lord! how's things for you!?
  2. by all means, give me help with flowers. i'll tell my coordinator what "i want" anything on the welcome bags yet? gonna do it? i agree with the lack of motivation for these DIY & stuff. I need some time off from work but I really need the money. the FI & I sat down last night & talked about it & it's really going to be tight with up coming weddings & showers we have & days off I need from the bar! & the fact that I don't get paid while away, like he does. I'm looking for a 3rd job! seriously, that's sick! haah i need to make a list & have someone on top of me with it & bug the crap out of me!
  3. CONGRATS! So happy for you about nursing school! One more thing on your plate, but I know you'll be about to juggle it all! I've been working hard on this magazine & other wedding day necessities but I know I'm missing things & just don't feel like doing them (especially the gym & getting my dressed hemmed oh & FLOWERS!) <~ I know what you're thinking! & You probably want to come through this computer screen & hit me over the head! haha.
  4. Sorry it's taken me forever to get back to you. Work has been craazzy busy & I've been sick & trying so hard to work on this magazine & wedding plans! THe magazine is not done but it's coming along great! I'll be sure to take pictures & share with you once it's printed. Probably not until end of June. Hopefully before but not much after! invitations - being printed as we speak. dress alterations - needs to get done ASAP i need to do all you need to do plus more that i can't even think of!
  5. Hello! I felt like there wasn't any other curent brides for Maui either! I'll be happy to help you with whatever I can help you with. The bags, we're not sure how we're getting them there. It might be something that we ship out there because they are huge & so heavy & to bring them in our luggage just might be silly. I was looking at Merriman's for our wedding ceremony/reception, but I'm told that the West Side is not as lovely as the South Side. Just by looking at pictures from my photographer's site, I could see that myself, though it's more stressful to be staying on the West & having the wedding on the South, I know that it's going to be worth it! But we have eaten at Merriman's & we loved it! My "wedding planner" isn't so much a planner as she is a coordinator who helps me with flowers, DJ, venue. but that's part of my package with my photographer. If you've read anything up top or my info, you might know that I have 2 photographers, one from NJ (*where I live*) & one in Hawaii. So the one in Hawaii is the one that is my coordinator! I have been to Hawaii 4 times, but none of those visits were for the wedding. In fact my last time there was 2 years ago, prior to my engagement & knowing that our wedding would be in Hawaii, so our last trip did not help us.
  6. http://myweddingreceptionideas.com/frosted_gift_bags.asp these customized bags are cute, possibly more your style.. 25 bags @$32 or 50 bags $50.
  7. http://myweddingreceptionideas.com/frosted_gift_bags.asp these customized bags are cute, possibly more your style.. 25 bags @$32 or 50 bags $50.
  8. OT is well worth it. & i promise, i'll help!
  9. not doing engagment photos only because it's been over a year of our engagement (oct. 16, 2011) & i don't want to "waste" my photographer's time on something when i get her for 5 days! so I decided to do the TTD & boudoir
  10. bring her on over! i wish they would blog/comment/ find this site more often too!
  11. aleedoc17

    Maui DJs

    Aloha, So im trying to book a DJ for Gannon's but I'm told i can only book from the following. I've only seen reviews on DJ Dan so if anyone else can help me that'd be great. especially because it's a FOUR HOUR MINIMUM and I have to give my dad proof why his extra $25 an hour (being $100 for 4 hours) is needed! Dan Viola "DJ Dan" http://www.djdanmaui.com/ ($225 per hour) Scott Doran "DJ Scotty D" http://www.mauidjservices.com/ ($200 per hour) Randy "DJ Skinny Guy" Bermudez http://www.acebeats.com/dj.html ($200 per hour)
  12. the large totes bags: 14 1/2" x 15 1/2" with 11 1/4" handles. $11.50 for 12 small tote bags: poly nonwoven tote, 6" x 6" with 4 1/2" handles. $6.25 for 12 they looks like the material bags that you get at the grocery store, make sense? i would probably do the small ones just for price purposes!
  13. my magazine.. it's at a stand-still i have a graphic designer friend who is trying to help me create a layout. I have many topics & articles that i've started: a calendar of august dates (FI's bday is the 7th, wedding date, hawaiian dates, world dates, fav celebs bday) hawaiian words things to do (with personal reviews/stars) places to eat get to know the B&G an "exclusive interview" with B&G [lol] crosswords word search some advertisements what's in the welcome bags welcome notes maps itinerary got any more ideas? we had wayyy more but i can't seem to think right now !
  14. vintage* not rustic. sorry. i don't know why i said rustic
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