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Newbies considering Paradisus Palma Real

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Hey Girls-


As someone who recently tore apart the pricing spreadsheets that I received from the hotel, I want to give y'all some advise...don't base your budget on this sheet.  My fiancee and I really wanted to plan a wedding at the Paradisus Palma Real but, after using the spreadsheet to make a 'mock budget', we didn't know if it would financially be feasible. 


In comes my new best friend, Theresa, who is a wedding planner. She is now on her own, but she previously worked for the Paradisus and helped create some of the wedding packages.  Based on her experience from working there (and from personal experience from planning her son's wedding there), she was able to tell me what's a waste of money, what is needed, etc.  She knows how to cost effectively use the wedding packages to your advantage in order to keep your costs low.  After only one phone call with her (and this was before we even agreed to officially work together), she had dropped my budget by at least $6,000 (and that's just a start). 


My fiancee and I are now completely comfortable that we'll be able to meet our budget, and my stress level has gone way down.  Theresa's fee is reasonable, and she waves half of her fee if you refer someone.  Now...I'm not telling you guys this just so I can get my referral discount.  She truly has done everything that I've said above, and I'm excited to start working with her.  She works directly with the hotel (and not the Miami office) and, since she knows all of the hotel wedding planning people, she gets things done quickly. This is so helpful when you're a bride who wants answers in a timely manner.


I highly recommend her to y'all.  If you have any questions for me or want her info, just shoot me a PM.


Congrats on your engagements!


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