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Are you having a rustic vintage wedding in the Riviera Maya? You can rent items for your wedding from me or I'll buy your decor items after your wedding! I'm a bride living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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Hi Ladies! I'm a bride that lives down here in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. If you are having your wedding here in the next year or so and have some things you'd like to sell once your wedding is done, I'd love to have a look at some photos and possibly buy them from you! 


No extra baggage fees for you on the way home would be a great way to save some money!


Here are some of the things I am interested in:



- a birdcage (rustic looking if possible)

- string lighting of any sort, exposed bulb and christmas lights

- props for a DIY photobooth

- oil lamps

- lanterns

- small glass candleholders or candles holders of any kind

- LED candles of any size

- white or teal paper picado (as long as its not personalized of course)

- unique bottles, mason jars or small rustic details

- anything else that would suit a vintage or rustic style wedding



Also, If your wedding is coming up in the Riviera Maya anytime in the next year or two, I'd be happy to rent some of these items to you! Please PM me if you're interested in renting rustic/vintage style decor in the Riviera Maya.


My goal is to help other brides like me decorate their venues without costing an arm and leg for "wedding pricing". I know how frustrating vendors and resorts can be with their outrageous prices, so expect a fair price from me! I've also sorted out a way around outside vendor fees from your resort if we end up working together :)


Here's a small sample of the things I have for rent:


- lanterns with LED or real candles

- mason jars of various sizes, both for flowers and candles

- tea light holders with LED or real tealights

- exposed bulb lighting

- Xmas lights with lace overlay for whimsical effect

- paper lanterns of various colours and sizes with light inside

- papel picado, either multi coloured or all white

- burlap & lace table runners (can be rented separately)

- large oval tin for drinks/craft beer station

- vintage suitcase with "Cards" sign or set up with whiskey decanters & cigars

- wooden crates

- variety of vintage style mismatched bottles & vases 

- hanging bottles for gazebo

- vintage books of various colours and sizes

- small tin buckets

- wooden ampersand

- vintage coca cola chalkboard

- customizable table name/number frames

- customizable banners for sweetheart table, dessert table & photos

- ivory parasols


Plus much more, message me for a full list with pricing! Happy planning!


~ Katy HK


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I have tea light LED candles as well as battery candled that fit inside lanterns. I am getting Married in Playa 5/4/2013.


My theme is vintage so I also will have lanterns (which I will be using as center pieces) mason jars, small antique jars (that I am filling with  flowers) Burlap runners etc.

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May 22nd down in Tulum, but we'll be staying in Tulum from May 18th to May 25th. I see you are May 18th near Puerto Morelos! That's about an hour North of Tulum. What kinds of things do you have?

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Too much stuff... My wedding colors are eggplant, sangria, wisteria and chartreuse


Varying shades/sizes of purple paper poms (30)

Varying sizes of white paper lanterns (40)

6" 7.5" 9" Clear cylinder vases (8 sets)

6" 7" 8" long stem tea light holders (8 of 12 sets)

Satin chair sashes, napkins, table clothes to match color scheme


These are a few items that cam to mind, but I have a collection of stuff at home and will add additonal items that i tend to part with after the wedding



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Would you be interested in selling/renting any of the items you use after your wedding? I'm getting married June 12 and would be interested in renting some of your decor

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Originally Posted by Ladycat View Post


Does Walmart, Mega or any other stores or person in  Playa del Carmen sell glass vases and fresh flowers inexpensive?

Yes there are a few places that sell vases, although they are a much thinner glass than you'd be used to at somewhere like Homesense or Pier 1. They would work just fine though for the purpose! Walmart has a handful of vases but not a huge selection. I would recommend the fabric/craft type store that's across just the street from the Mega to the left called Modelas. They have a variety of vases there for about 15-20 pesos each. 


For fresh flowers I'll copy and paste what I wrote in another thread:



One place I've consistently seen flowers available is Walmart at 30th Ave & 12th St. I took a picture of what the roses cost and as of last week it was 47 pesos for 6 roses ($4) and 85 pesos for 12 roses ($7). The selection is limited though so it depends what you are looking for and how much.


There are also quite a few little flower shops in town, or "florerias" as they are called down here. I went to a flower shop last night and their prices were a bit higher than Walmart although the quality is probably higher too. You can also pre-order with them via email with the shop I went into. It is called Floreria Sac-Nah and it is on the corner of 30th Ave and Calle 16, right across the street from the Walmart. Their email address is sacnah@hotmail.com. They don't speak English so I reccomend using Google translate if you want to email them to pre order your flowers. I would say you're having a gathering of friends and don't need them arranged (they charge more for arranging), and don't mention they are for a wedding!! I wouldn't do it too far in advance either since "gatherings of friends" aren't usually planned months ahead of time.


I took a photo of their price list (all in Spanish and pesos but I translated it) and here it is:


Carnation (Clavel): 12 for 60 pesos or $4.70

Daisy (Margarita): 12 for 80 pesos or $6.30

Pom Pom: 12 for 80 pesos or $6.30

Gladiola: 12 for 80 pesos or $6.30

Spider (Spaider): 12 for 80 pesos or $6.30

Alstroemeria: 12 for 150 pesos or $11.76

Roses: 12 for 220 pesos or $17.24

Gerber Daisy: 12 for 220 pesos or $17.24

Cala Lilies (Alcatraz): 12 for 220 pesos or $17.24

Hibiscus (Hawaianas): 12 for 220 pesos or $17.24

Birds of Paradise (Aves de Parasio): 12 for 220 pesos or $17.24

Heliconia (similar to BoP): 12 for 220 pesos or $17.24


Iris: 1 for 25 pesos ($2), price for 12 was blocked by a shelf... why they put a shelf in front of their price list, I don't know... the rest of the prices will be per 1 stem since that's the only price I could see

They had a bunch listed that all seem to be coming up in Google as lilies...

Lily (Lili): 1 for 25 pesos ($2)

Tiger Lily (Acapulco): 1 for 45 pesos ($3.53)

White Lily (Casa Blancas): 1 for 45 pesos ($3.53)

Lily (Azucenas): 1 for 45 pesos ($3.53)

Tulipanes (Tulips): 1 for 45 pesos ($3.53)


At both places, the florerias and Walmart, the selections are not as big as you'd see at home but between Walmart and maybe one floreria you would be able to find enough for your bouquets and tables, depending on which flowers you want. The roses come in various colours too although I'm not sure exactly which colours aside from the usual red and pink. The quality here can vary, but if you order from a floreria I think you will get better quality.


Another thing to consider is if you'll have a fridge to keep your bouquets in. It is very hot and humid down here and your bouquets might wilt if you leave them out for a day or two even if they're in water. I'd recommend keeping them in a fridge in a bucket of water if you can. 


I'm using a wedding florist for the flowers I can't find at the shops in town and will probably buy the other ones myself. I don't want tropical flowers so the ones my florist suggested for me are roses, freesias and lisianthus. I haven't been able to find the last two in the flower shops though, only roses. She suggested silk flowers for the ones that I want that would require her to import them from Holland. She also has all kind of tropical flowers such as lilies, cala lilies, gerber daisies, orchids, snapdragons, birds of paradise and a few others. Her prices are of course higher than the flower shops and Walmart but she will arrange them for you, deliver them and you are guaranteed good quality. Her name is Vanessa Jaimes - http://www.vanessajaimes.com


If you pick tropical flowers you'll have a better chance of finding them at a reasonable price since we are in the topics, either on your own or from a wedding florist. :)


Hope that helps for those of you doing DIY bouquets! Again, I think the prices at Walmart are better than the florerias but you're risking not being able to pre-order and having a limited selection.

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Originally Posted by amcoletta88 View Post


Would you be interested in selling/renting any of the items you use after your wedding? I'm getting married June 12 and would be interested in renting some of your decor

Hi there! Yes I would be interested in doing that for sure. I'll send you a PM right now! :)

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Thank you very much Mrs. H.K.  That is a great tip.  I'm probably going to get a few (bare minimum) from the hotel just in case there is nothing to get even if I have time to look.  I'm glad to know where to go look.  Thank you again.

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