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  1. Its here May 4th brides Our wedding week is actually here! It doesnt feel real yet!
  2. Hi Can you recommend a great fun place for a big crowd say 25 people? We all don't have to sit together but we are getting married in Playa NEXT weekend!!! and want to have a restaurant in mind that we can tell people to go on Friday night after we get back from our catamaran (thats what we are doing for our welcome party instead of a dinner). Not toooo pricey but doesn't have too cheap. Also not Mexican food because we are serving that for our wedding! Thanks!
  3. yeah i will keep you posted I am bringing a lot and hoping for the best!
  4. So CUTE Katy!!!! He is going to love it! Looking forward to meeting you in Playa!!
  5. I am using mason jars for our wedding and we are bringing them! Its a risk but we will take it! I will let you know how we make out.
  6. I honestly didnt even think of that!!!! Hmmmm this is a pickle!
  7. The photographer did it but my girlfriedn did it through shutterfly and it came out great!!!
  8. I did the a boudoir shoot, so I made him a little black book... its been hiding in my closet for 4 months! I cant wait to give it him. I also gave him a painting of the NYC skyline (thats where we live) as a memory of our first place together and where we got engaged. I gave him the painting on Friday when we had our legal ceremony. Is he sports fan? Can you do something sport related? or anything that he says he wants but just hasnt pulled the trigger to buy? My girlfriend made her husband sneakers and personalized them it was really cute!
  9. Thank Vianney!!! I cant believe its almost here. I feel like it was just yesterday when we were emailing about Grand Coral back and forth!
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