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Couples resort questions......specifically Tower Isle

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Just looking to get an understanding on the wedding packages at Couples resorts.  Being an all inclusive resort you would assume that food and beverage would be included for your wedding/reception.  Where i'm unsure is if it's only included if you hold the reception in one of the restaurants or somewhere outside.  I see on Couples' site about a $90pp charge for reception.  Thats where i get confused.  I can understand maybe paying an extra fee for the reception being outdoors and them having to bring the food out to you.  But it doesn't state that, so i'm hoping someone that's had experience with weddings at Couples can give me a little more insight on how this works.


Also, if anyone knows if that $90pp is only a buffet or if it's a plated diner.


Thank you in advance for any info you may have.



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