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Spoke to Daniel

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So I found out, much like most of you did, that there was a change in ownership only over the last few days. When I contacted Daniel to confirm that the arrangments that were made with Flori would be honoured , I was sent their "policies document" (of which I had never known existed... he explained they were recently set up with the new ownership). With that said I freaked out and decided it was worth my $ to just call Daniel and so I did! He did answer his cell phone and does speak English well. He is not dificult to work with but unless I results, everything is just words to me. I will keep you posted as to whether he follows through with what he has said he would.


I definitely asked about his experience and he told me that he has been doing this for years and he kept referring to the La Barcaza as a restaurant. *shrugging my shoulders*.


I did make an inquiry about a DJ and was quoted $700 for 3 hours and if you want the additional hour it is an additional $250.


I also found out about the additional costs that the new owners have implemented.


See attachment.








Hope this helps some of you out there. I am to be married this summer and have already paid my deposit. Now I will have to go through re-calculating my finances just in case we have to make an emergency switch.


Wondering if there are any brides out there who have used La Barcaza recently and can speak to what's happening and how their experience has been?????




La Barcaza Policies for clients.docx

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