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Newbie Engaged!!! Need Help!!!

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Hello all!!


I am recently engaged (only 2 weeks) but everyone is already on my back about the wedding. My fiance and I are leaning towards September however anytime between September and November would work because I am finishing up my masters degree. We are looking to have about 50 people.


Looking for a resort that will make my dreams come true has been more stressful and overwhelming then I imagined. I have been sitting for HOURS reading reviews and looking at pictures and im SOOOOOOOOO lost.


I need a resort that allows children, so the adults only resorts are out of the question, which sucks because those are the ones I like the most. And the resort must be all inclusive.


I want a resort that will give me different options for a location to get married because im not sure I want to get married right on the sand.


I would also like the wedding venue to be as private as possible


I also want a resort that will be beautiful and luxurious and the quality of food is VERY important to me.


I do like the Dreams resorts, so if anyone can recommend the best one in terms of...food, quality and service of resort, beauty of the resort and best options.


Im sorry if I dont make sense lol and if im going on a rant, im overwhelmed and its finals week!!! I would appreciate any help!! Thank you in advance ladies!!!!

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Welcome to the forum, engaged1230 and Congrats on your upcoming wedding and finishing your masters' degree!!! You might also look at the Barcelo Resort options.......it sounds like they fit your wish list too.

Both Dreams + Barcelo resorts are beautiful and excellent venues for your destination wedding as seen here........


Dreams Cancun.......






Wishing you all the best with your planning process + intense studies ahead! Enjoy your journey - Cheers :) 


team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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