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continued review of ECR

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Well I started to write my review and it cut me off.  Hopefully these can be pieced together at some point.

So after the spa we got ready in our room and Gloria dropped off our flowers around 3:00.  They were beautiful!



They were $45 for each of the bridesmaids.  The bouts were included in the package.  We did get two extra ones for DH's parents and those were $15 each.


When it was time for us to head down to the ceremony, Gloria came and got us. We did have some spectators watching, but it is at the end of the resort so it still felt pretty private.  I emailed the lady who did our ceremony and told her I wanted to do a sand ceremony and that I had a poem picked out that my cousin was to read.  It was a very lovely ceremony!  She did a great job!700

After the ceremony, we took some group pics and then just of the wedding party.  Everyone else headed over to the pier for cocktail hour.  Everyone raved about the appetizers!  We had the resort photographer for the ceremony, and they did a really nice job, (i don't have any of their pics posted) but we wanted to save some money and our cousin took our pictures.  I think he did a really nice job.



We got to enjoy that last few minutes of the cocktail hour and then headed over to the Lobster House for our reception.  We had DJ Mannia and they were really great.  He had the list and played all the songs we requested.  

We had four round tables of 8 and one long head table of 10.  It looked beautiful.  I don't have and of the actual tables, but here is what I showed Gloria:



She added some starfish and candles everywhere and it looked really nice!  I made the hearts for the table numbers and it spelled out the word HEART.  Each centerpiece cost about $2 each.  I was happy with that.

I also showed her this picture of the escort cards.  I wanted our shot glass filled with tequilla and then a slice of lime to hold the flag:400

We also had maracas as the favors.  Those were a big hit!400

The service was outstanding throughout our whole trip--but especially at our reception!  We had caesar salad to start, filet and shimp or chicken stuffed with shrimp, cheese and artichokes, and then apple tart for dessert.  It was all delicious!  Our cake was pretty simple, I just picked it out of Gloria's book and brought a topper.  It was Tres Leches and although we were very full we had a few bites.  Also delicious.

We had a fun night of dancing and then when the reception ended, the ones who were still up for dancing when to the disco for a few more hours to party.

Everyone kept asking me how I found this resort!  They loved it.  There were a lot of things to do and the service is just excellent!

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