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Dilemma! Two color themes: one for ceremony and one for reception???

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Ok so for months I have had the following color scheme



golden yellow- secondary

coral- accent


Here are some of my inspiration pictures:




I thought of using beach elements (shells, starfish, etc) because there was limited access to  flowers in Labadee. I figured it would be a more affordable way to decorate using these elements, as well as some vases, etc. But now that we are doing the ceremony in Jamaica, flowers are a more viable option.




I just found out that the restaurant where the reception is held has a color scheme that kind of clashes with mine.


Its a dark, warm space with wood, kind of a rich feel. The fresh, bright, light color palette doesn't really work.




So I am torn between changing the beach ceremony color palette so that the reception colors will look well at the venue, or leaving the colors different for the ceremony. 


Bronze- Primary

Pewter gray- Primary

Yellow- Secondary

Green- Accent


Or maybe throw red in there instead of one of the colors or in addition...


As you can see, I can't make up my mind!!!




I like the glamour and chicness of the more muted color palette, its more elegant and classic. But on the other hand, brights will pop much more! On the beach, the neutrals give it a more ethereal and romantic look because it kind of blends into the sand, etc. whereas the bright colors are bold. 


I like both!



Fiance loves this but we both think it needs at least one color to make it pop.






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