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Hello Ladies! Need Some help from Previous WonderBrides - THE ROYAL PDC

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Hi Brides,


I got engaged in July 2012 and I'm getting a head start on my Feb 2014 wedding. I think (after much trawling and thread reading) that I've decided on The Royal Playa Del Carmen for my wedding. I had research venues in California and Florida and have gone out of my way to see them... let's just say it was very stressful and disappointing... especially with my mother's 'help'. After umming and ahhing about it, I discussed it with my fiance and decided to do what WE obviously, and not try to please everyone. I chose Mexico as it is in the middle-ish, we have family coming from the East Coast, West Coast and England.


I spent countless hours looking at places, getting stressed and confused, constantly getting that knot in my stomach. But when I found this site it was like my saving grace. I can't tell you how much you brides have all helped me!!! THANK YOU a million times over!!


I have found a TA, I am using Wendy from Wright Travel (again, thanks to recommendations), and am going to have a go-see/mini vacay in January with my Fi. I am so excited!! I hope I am as happy when I get there as I have been when looking at all of your pictures.


Does anyone have anything that they wish they had known to ask for before booking? Any hidden costs? Anything to negotiate?


Likewise, If anyone has any definite NO-NO's when it comes to the Royal, please let me know, I want to go armed with as much info as I can!!


Which areas did you choose to have your Ceremony/Cccktail Hour/Reception and WHY? Is there anything you would have changed?


Also, if anyone is willing to share the cost, quality and conditions of their photography packages I would be eternally grateful!


Thanks again,



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