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Summer 2013 Bride: Looking for a white sand, blue water beach wedding location easily accessible from Ireland and The Philippines... HELP!

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Itâ€s great to finally be able to log on to this site for myself and not for someone who needs help planning a wedding! 

Two European Cups and 4 fashion weeks later… I got engaged last 2012-11-27 after over 4 years.  Weâ€ve always known we wanted a beach wedding, and Iâ€ve been wanting to plan it for ages, but didnâ€t want to get ahead of myself.  I was already zeroing in on Negril, Jamaica as my first choice, but I think I need to re-strategize.

So I need help, ladies!!!  Help me find THE destination!  The criteria is…


  • HOT weather
  • White sand beach
  • Clear blue water (preferably warm, no wake/waves)
  • Can be accessed without having to ride boats or ferries (we have some boat-phobics)
  • Easy access from Ireland and The Philippines


Iâ€ll work around the rest of the criteria, but this is basically where Iâ€m stuck trying to find good options.  That last one is the one thatâ€s killing me the most.


Oh, and hereâ€s the kicker… Weâ€re hoping to have the wedding by mid- to late-June, but thatâ€s another optional thing.

Any suggestions?


Name: Bea

Est. Wedding Date: mid- to late-June 2012

Location: Help me pick one!!!

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Congrats Bea ! + welcome.gifto this forum community filled with tons of resources to help you plan your perfect wedding :) of course, we're partial to the incomparable Mayan Riviera - evidenced by our choice to live here...hehe

From your list of criteria, sounds like a pretty good fit with what you're looking for too........wishing you all the best on your journey - Enjoy!


azure blue ocean - calm n inviting .........




gorgeous white sand beaches right on the mainland,  stretching for miles.........just inviting you for a romantic walk........


and incredible sunsets + moonlit skies - reflected on the ocean.......doesn't get much more romantic than this !


team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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