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Newbie, Azul Sensatori, November 2013

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Any Azul Sensatori 2013 brides out there?  I've seen alot of post but they seem like older post.


Just booked and sent out the dates.  Starting to do the plannings,  looking for a good photographer.  Anyone have experience with the photographers approved at the resort?

I'm thinking about the trash the dress but not sure depends on the photohrapher.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Congrats Jess878! and welcome to this forum community :) so many of our brides wonder about spending the extra money for a professional photographer, we compiled a webpage to answer exactly that - with a link to it here......http://momentsthatmatterphotography.com/faqs.html


You've made such a great choice in the Azul Sensatori (as shown in these photos), it would be wonderful to have the most amazing photo record of this irreplaceable day to enjoy for your lifetime together!

Most in-house resort photographers don't have the training, expertise, or equipment to make that happen.

The professional wedding photographers based here do!


Our brides are always very happy they decided to spend the extra money to hire a professional and capture the incomparable wedding "moments that matter" to revisit this day starting off their lives together!


I wish you all the best with making your decisions + plans! Have an amazing wedding here at the Azul Sensatori, and wonderful life ahead! Cheers! cheers.gif



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Congrats jess878 + welcome to the forum! you can see from all the TTD session photos here, how beautiful and much fun it looks like. It's such a great and popular thing for couples here......you'll add so much dimension to your wedding celebration and great memories........all the best with your decisions and plans. Have a Great wedding! 

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