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Post Wedding Sale - OOT bag items and more!

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Well, it's been over a year of storing all of these extras and my husband has decided there doesn't need to be an entire closet dedicated to left over wedding stuff anymore!  The following is stuff that I have available with prices (in CAD although it is basically the same as USD).  I haven't included pictures but if you want pictures of anything just let me know and I will send them to you!


150 - individual sets of earplugs - $0.15 each or all for $15

32 - wrist coils with whistle - $0.25 each  (4 purple, 4 pink, 6 turquoise, 6 red, 6 yellow, 6 bright green)

20 - black lanyards (thin strap) with metal clip - $0.50 each

5 - palm tree bottle opener keychains - $0.75 each (4 blue, 1 red)

2 - 3 packs of Pur antibacterial hand gel - $0.50 each pack

3 - Emergen-C packets tropical flavour - $0.25 each

9 - Nestea individual packets - $0.25 each (4 white cran-raspberry, 4 summer peach, 1 pomegranate blueberry)

1 - crazy eights card game (for kids bag) - $0.25

1 - disney princess lip balm (for kids bag) - $0.50


24 - raffia hand fans (assorted sizes) - $0.75 each (**two of these fans have a small amount of wax on them which is not very obvious**)

1 bag of assorted shells - $5.00

17 - mini bottles of bubbles - $0.50 each


Send me a message if you are interested in anything, hopefully someone will get some use out of these things!

Note:  Prices do not include shipping as it will depend on where I am sending it too and how big/heavy the package is!

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I would love the coils and the plastic  thing that goes with them for hotel key cards. how much if I take all? I don't need that many but I can if it'll help you out

imnotarunner at gmail dot com

thank you!

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Roughly, the sizes of the largest fan is 12"x12" and the smallest is 8"x8" - all the fans are within that size range (although the majority are 10x10 to 12x12).

Small starfish are 3-5" and the Large starfish are around 8".


Hope this helps!

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I'm interested in some of the wrist coils and waterproof pouches as well. If Iamnotarunner doesn't need/take them all, pls let me know what remains.


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