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Hi - Undecided confused bride to be

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Here's how we made our decision:


The winters here are cold and long...and the weeks we are usually the most desperate to escape are mid January to the end of February. I love autumn here as well as Christmas at home and all the preparations. It takes us until mid January to pack everything back up again and get the Christmas stuff put away for another year. My fiance's daughter was writing exams the last week of January. Travel in mid to late Feb was considerably more expensive, so we went with the very end of Jan/beginning of Feb.   


We had been to the Mayan Riviera twice before and loved it. The resort we picked was in the price point we wanted ($1500-$1800 pp), was an all inclusive, had lots to offer our guests on site and was easy to take day trips out (e.g., Akumal to swim with the turtles, Tulum to see the ruins). Having a civil (legal) ceremony in Mexico for us was easy peasy. They needed three business days to process the paperwork after we arrived, and we did have to do the bloodwork but that was no biggie. If either of you have been married before or if you'll be changing your name when you get home, there will be an extra step or two.


When we factored in the time the resort needed to process the paperwork after we arrived...when our preferred ceremony/reception site at the resort was available...and when our dream photographer was available...we came up with two possible dates...Feb 2/12 or Feb 3/12. Our TA was really helpful in making the calls back and forth at this point to ensure we were getting exactly what we wanted. Once these things were set in stone, everything else came together just fine.


Good luck!

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 We did use a TA to help us out.

Originally Posted by ornxoxo View Post


Thank you for sharing!  Did you contact any TA?

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Hi everyone!
I joined this website because people say you guys are helpful and have good resources.


I am thinking about having a destination wedding but do not know where, do not know when, and have no idea where to start.


Any suggestions/recommendations are welcome and needed lol.




Hi Krups618 :) I am a Destination Wedding planner in Mexico and as I read many of these posts I learn a lot so I like to read them. I agree with all the brides. They should know because they went through the process. However maybe I would shorten the search and just go to a wedding planner in your area and speak witht them. Let them guide you for free. It will take 30 minutes to talk to a professional and they will show you the options. The travel agents work a lot with hotels obviously but weddings do not have to be in resorts. Actually the trend is to have the wedding outside the resort so people can enjoy a different area of the country they are visiting.

Anyway, talk to a professional wedding planner for free professional advice. Obviously a destination wedding specialist would be best :) Do not be afraid to ask questions and do not feel you have to commit to them just because you asked them for a consultation. Most would be glad for the opportunity to explain how it all works and what they can do for you. For some reason wedding planners seem to be viewed as a broker when in reality a true wedding panner is a consultant, a friend, a concierge, a source of experience, a travel advisor and a bride's mate all rolled into one. Well worth the 10%. Sometimes couples save that just by asking where to stay and the difference in rates at a hotel can be totally different with a local helper vs on your own!

Anyway, I hope this helps.

By the way, I read in two different responses that getting married legally in Mexico is complicated. I have done a few weddings and we do it all online now. Yes you need bloodwork but that is a 30 minute visit upon arrival to a doctor and after that I take my couples to a bar and eat seafood watching the sunset while we plan the week. It was not that complicated for us. Maybe the rules have changed since then, I do not understand why it was complicated.

OK senoritas! Have fun panning and enjoy BDW forums... Viva los novios!




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hola Krups618 - Congrats + welcome to the forum. You have a wonderful + exciting journey ahead with lots of decisions to make, and are off to a great start by joining this forum. Wishing you all the best and a rewarding experience here ! 

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I am Chai, planning to get marry this January 30, 2013.

I've been with my fiance for two years, we've been through UPS and DOWNS 

(most of the time DOWNS)

Anyways, he been always asking me to marry him. 

Not in a traditional way but Civil wedding.

I didn't agree to that, in the first place I am still not sure if I want to get married.

He is now 27 and i am still 22 years old.

He maybe sure of what he is saying, or should i say he just get into the flow.

I am 3 months pregnant, and my parents ask him for his plan.

He says to marry me, but then it went to be too SOON.

I maybe excited but most of the time CONFUSED..

Will this marriage life be a success? or just another mistake.

I get the point of my parents, but in my own opinion, 

marriage should be PLANNED very well and there should NO SECOND THOUGHTS.

Can someone advice me what to do?

I am still not ready to marry, but I will be such a disgrace to my family if i end up 

pregnant and doesn't have a husband.

your opinion will be much appreciated.




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