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  1. We sent in our documents to Sandals a few months before our wedding date. Then when we got there, Sandals took us to the court house to finalize the paperwork...then after the wedding we received the official marriage certificate.
  2. I it's just the two of you going, it should be very simple since you don't need to make that many plans. Don't waste money on the honeymoon dinner. Definitely stay in a concierge room on the newer side...much nicer than the older side.
  3. It was a nice resort and everything turned out great. Although our guests stayed at Sandals, they could have saved a lot of money by staying nearby and buying a day pass. I was not impressed with the photographer on site and the prices for photos were ridiculous for the quality you get. Highly suggest that you have lots of friends take pics if you are having guests there. I made passport invitations and boarding pass save the dates that were a huge hit!
  4. These are by far the best I've seen. Does anyone have the link to download the template, I don't see the template posted for download. I have enough points to download if available. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone have the passport template in Power Point?
  6. I'm getting married there in November. Does anyone have any tips to share?