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Recently Engaged - Choosing a Destination!

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Thanks for the link, Lyman! Only two of the threads that come up are really related, and only one actually offers advice.. but I think I'm going to answer the questions provided by one of the girls and then bring it to the Destination Wedding Fair we're going to next week. Thanks so much for that info as it pretty much covers everything!

Thanks Steph! We can't even make a list of one right now so I don't know about a top 10. But that's a good idea if we start finding some places!

Thanks for your post cherany! 
We were actually leaning more and more towards Mexico because both we know it well and my future in-laws as well (they're actually headed down close to Bucerias at the end of the month and offered to scout locations), but I talked to my dad about it and he is pretty much terrified to go to Mexico. So that's just a no unfortunately, which sucks because I have had a peeek anyway and it really seems like Mexico is the best cheapest option. So beautiful and something for whatever your taste. But I think my dad will be really uncomfortable if we ask him to go to Mexico.
We actually found our photographer first two - I think that part is way easier than the location! haha Love who you picked, I hope you share your photos here! :D 

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Mairelys, I had the smae thought process as you in the beginning-going somewhere we've never been. To keep stress down, I looked for resorts in new places but used a familiar hotel brand. Now that I think of it, I do that when I travel domestically too! Congrats!

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