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Best rehearsal dinner ever on La Barcaza!!

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We just wanted to send along our sincere thanks and highest praise for a wonderful experience!  We had our sunset boat cruise rehearsal dinner on La Barcaza on Saturday, May 12th, 2012.  All 80 of our wedding guests attended and had a fantastic evening thanks to the professionalism of the wonderful crew and our fabulous host, Jorge!  The boat was beautiful, the food and drinks were great and far exceeded our expectations.  Even the decorations on the serving table were lovely!  We had a wonderful time swimming in the natural pool and the cruise was the perfect way to spend time with our friends and family the night before our wedding.  We can't thank you enough for a genuinely fantastic evening and sincerely appreciate the hard work of the crew in making it such a memorable evening. 

Thank you again for everything!

David & Rebecca Sullivan

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What time did you set sail?  I am considering doing this as a welcome dinner, farewell dinner or between my ceremony and reception because I have a huge gap from 2pm to 7:00pm.


Thanks in advance! :)

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