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  1. My wedding was at 1:00pm and I was honestly not too happy about it either. Pictures went to about 2:30, I went back to my room , changed out of my dress, into my bathing suit and my two boys (ages 3 and 9) into their swimming trunks. I dropped the boys off at the Kids Club (they keep kids until 5) and met most of my group at the pool. We danced and drank and I went to change for dinner at about 5:30/6. My room was right next to the restaurant. My hubby picked the boys up and changed them back into their outfits and met us back at the restaurant. I kid you not, the break is so fast and pp
  2. I was told to bring my marriage certificate. Double check with your wedding coordinator, I know some things are changing for 2013.
  3. Hey Steph, FABULOUS!!!!!!! Would you by any chance have a template for this???
  4. What time did you set sail? I am considering doing this as a welcome dinner, farewell dinner or between my ceremony and reception because I have a huge gap from 2pm to 7:00pm. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks a million for sharing. The different shades of blue were driving me up the wall!!! Because of YOUR thread, I was able to settle on the turquoise at efavortmart. Thanks again!!!
  6. Please let me know if these are still available!!!! prbysheryllyn@gmail.com
  7. Your pics are great! What is the exact color are the blue sashes? I am going crazy with the different shades of blue. lol
  8. I have one month to go and I STILL have some last minute ppl booking! SMH!
  9. Where in DR are you getting married? I am getting married at the Majestic Colonial. Quote: Originally Posted by DRb2b Congrats!!!! I'm getting married the same day but in DR. I know it's not the same resort but we plan to do a DJ this way we don't have to worry about controlling the iPod. We will probably do an iPod for the ceremony though. I have been considering just doing the OOT bags as the favors per couple and then probably just doing some small candy like favor at the reception but I haven't decided yet.
  10. I have the same size group and was considering using the IPOD because they are pretty pricey. Where did you have your reception?
  11. I work for Pure Romance (in-home parties that specialize in relationship enhancing products ). The idea of a couples bag, I can add some lube samples or edible undies. lol. Thanks for planting the idea in my head.
  12. GREAT question!!! I am also wondering how the resort DJ is. As you said, DJ Mannia is double in price. I am considering having my brother DJ with his ipod and their sound system. It is only $250. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Driving me crazyyyyyy! lol
  13. Color coding is a GREAT idea. I was on the fence about individual bags versus couples bags but I think its a good idea to tailor them. Can you tell us what was the difference between the bags? What did you put in female/male bags and what did you put in couples bags? Everything looks great but I'm sure you know that. lol Thanks in advance! Quote: Originally Posted by coconoir1908 Updates in May! Wow, it seems like such a long time that I have updated anything on this site! I find myself contemplating all that I will put into my final planning thread (without having our p
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