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  1. My wedding was at 1:00pm and I was honestly not too happy about it either. Pictures went to about 2:30, I went back to my room , changed out of my dress, into my bathing suit and my two boys (ages 3 and 9) into their swimming trunks. I dropped the boys off at the Kids Club (they keep kids until 5) and met most of my group at the pool. We danced and drank and I went to change for dinner at about 5:30/6. My room was right next to the restaurant. My hubby picked the boys up and changed them back into their outfits and met us back at the restaurant. I kid you not, the break is so fast and ppl have the option to eat, drink, read, swim or lounge around. It was perfectly fine!
  2. I was told to bring my marriage certificate. Double check with your wedding coordinator, I know some things are changing for 2013.
  3. Hey Steph, FABULOUS!!!!!!! Would you by any chance have a template for this???
  4. What time did you set sail? I am considering doing this as a welcome dinner, farewell dinner or between my ceremony and reception because I have a huge gap from 2pm to 7:00pm. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks a million for sharing. The different shades of blue were driving me up the wall!!! Because of YOUR thread, I was able to settle on the turquoise at efavortmart. Thanks again!!!
  6. R these still available? I need 24! Thanks in advance.
  7. Please let me know if these are still available!!!! prbysheryllyn@gmail.com
  8. Your pics are great! What is the exact color are the blue sashes? I am going crazy with the different shades of blue. lol
  9. I have one month to go and I STILL have some last minute ppl booking! SMH!
  10. Where in DR are you getting married? I am getting married at the Majestic Colonial. Quote: Originally Posted by DRb2b Congrats!!!! I'm getting married the same day but in DR. I know it's not the same resort but we plan to do a DJ this way we don't have to worry about controlling the iPod. We will probably do an iPod for the ceremony though. I have been considering just doing the OOT bags as the favors per couple and then probably just doing some small candy like favor at the reception but I haven't decided yet.
  11. I have the same size group and was considering using the IPOD because they are pretty pricey. Where did you have your reception?
  12. I work for Pure Romance (in-home parties that specialize in relationship enhancing products ). The idea of a couples bag, I can add some lube samples or edible undies. lol. Thanks for planting the idea in my head.
  13. GREAT question!!! I am also wondering how the resort DJ is. As you said, DJ Mannia is double in price. I am considering having my brother DJ with his ipod and their sound system. It is only $250. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Driving me crazyyyyyy! lol
  14. Color coding is a GREAT idea. I was on the fence about individual bags versus couples bags but I think its a good idea to tailor them. Can you tell us what was the difference between the bags? What did you put in female/male bags and what did you put in couples bags? Everything looks great but I'm sure you know that. lol Thanks in advance! Quote: Originally Posted by coconoir1908 Updates in May! Wow, it seems like such a long time that I have updated anything on this site! I find myself contemplating all that I will put into my final planning thread (without having our professional pictures back), so that it's complete, however; this would only lead to post in June, which will happen anyway. So, for now I will add pictures that our guest took and templates. I will do my best to add things as they happened as this will help me to stay organized Coco's discliamer *All pictures are non-professional pictures. Once I am done uploading all post, I will mark this by saying "The End." Lastly, if I do not include a template it is probably one that I do not intend or sharing. Likewise, if you find a template that does not include the graphics that I used, that is because I do not intend on sharing that as it was designed for us. If you are new to my planning thread, please take a moment to look at the first few pages which will have pictures, explains vendors etc. If you have been following me for a while, then please take a look at my review for Moon Palac before you get started here as this will have a lot of things in it. You can find the link in my signature! So, let's get started shall we? Since the majority of the DIY projects came with the concept of OOT bags, let's start with all things centered around OOT. Since we planned to have welcome cocktails, I thought it would be great to give the bags out that night. Most guests arrived on Thursday and our Welcome Cocktails were Friday so... it simply made sense so that they could start using the bags immediately. Here is a picuture of the bags lined up on the Terrace... They were color coded this way: All pink: single females All blue: single males Combo (pink and blue): Couples! Couples received 1 bag bags and tissue paper purchaed from Nashvillewraps.com Contents: -Welcome folder (there was no template for this)! I took a 12x14 sheet of Bazzille paper (found at Michaels) and folded it in half and then folded it up. I used Martha Stewarts glue & bone folder to make the creases. -DND signs -Tears of Joy packets -Vista Print "Wish you were here" postcards - Welcome booklet Other DIY contents/or their parts in the bag -Adult Activity book -Kids activity book (given in pre-mailing packet) -1st Aid Kit -chapstick labels -oot bag tag labels tears_of_joy_packets[1].pdf DND graphics removed.pptx First Aid Kit graphics removed.doc Adult Activity Book.docx activity answer key.pdf
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