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Newbie... better late than never:)

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Hello Girls!

My name is Courtney & I recently found this forum!!!  I am getting married at the EPM on June 15, 2012...  It's fastly approaching I know!  I have learned so much info on here in such a short time & it's been very helpful.  Just like most of you, I'm starting to really stress over our wedding, trying to bring all the details together before our big day.  It makes me feel so much better after I read some of your posts:)  Much of our wedding has been put together w/o this forum; however I'm very open to any feedback those of you who have been to EPM or got married there recently can give!!!  We have received some feedback from Nayeli, but like most of you have said she is VERY DIFFICULT to track down.  It's better to here outsiders' opinions...


Just a few quick questions...(some which may have already been discussed)


What is the beach like @ EPM?  Is it rocky or mostly soft sand?  Is it hard to get beach chairs?


What were your favorite restaurants?  Do any of them require reservations?


Would you recommend a swim-up suite or roof-top terrace? 


What are the BEST menu options for the reception?  Are there extra costs involved over and above the SILVER or GOLD package prices?

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