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Hi there everyone! I am newly engaged, about 3 weeks now I guess, and we have decided to get married in Nassau, Bahamas in June 2013. We have decided to get married at the Wyndham in Nassau because the price is right and the accommodations look beautiful! I originally wanted to get married at the Atlantis, but that was just waaayyyy too expensive. 


Anyway, things are coming along but I have just started to hit my first few snags. I have photographer that I really wanted to use for my wedding and of course I knew I would have to fly him down and provide accommodations but his overall cost is so expensive. I really like his style and have followed him for years but his cost is almost half of the entire cost for the wedding and reception venue. So I need help with that.


Also I wanted to use my family friend as a DJ there, but the cost to rent the audio equipment costs the same as hiring a local DJ with the equipment included. I'm really saddened by this because the DJ I want is still an invited guest to the wedding and now I won't be bake to utilize him.


Sorry for the rant. I look forward to reading what you all have to say and learning lots of stuff.



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Welcome & congratulations :)  I'm sure you'll feel a lot better once you have the details down - I'm sure you'll figure out the best photographer & music situation for you.  Just remember - no matter what, the day will be a special one:)  Happy planning!

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We are running an awesome contest right now, you can check it out here:



Also, we have a bride guide available on our website that will help you with some of your details for your wedding.  You can check it out at www.nandcphotography.com




Let us know if you have any questions. 



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