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Contacting WC @ The Hard Rock in Punta Cana

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Hoping you could help me. As a former bride who used this site for my wedding in Jamaica, I thought it would be an excellent site to ask a few questions for a friend of mine. Everyone was so helpful here a couple years ago-just looking through all the threads, I miss being here! LOL So to the point...Shes gets married April 26TH, not too far away...and still hasnt been in contact with a WC...though shes made many attempts through the facebook group, calls, emails....Im pretty sure final payment was suppose to be made 45 days prior? And i DONT believe shes been able to even arrange that yet...you can imagine that nerves are setting in, and this situation is frustrating. Im sure once she arrives it will all work out, but if anyone of you have been through this before, or know a secret as to how all this can be settled..please let me know. iM REALLY looking forward to your responses and helping our bride to be. Thanks.




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