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Answers Needed!! Secrets Maroma Beach Help!

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hello ladies!!


i'm new to this and have thankfully found so many answers just by searching the site, but there are a couple questions that i can not seem to find answers for.  i am getting married at secrets maroma beach on july 14, 2012.  my coordinator is valeria, and as i've read, she has been very hit or miss throughout this 2 year process.  actually more miss now that we're getting closer and closer, which is very frustrating.


wondering if any of you bride to be's or married mrs. can help me answer some of my last few questions :


if any of you got married in mid july... how was the weather??  showers?  was the heat bearable?


any of you know when the sun will set?  valeria keeps telling me between 5-6, but whenever i look it up online it says 7:30 for playa del carmen on that date...?  our wedding will be planned around that, so the timeline is crucial.


valeria mentioned there are no shuttles to and from the hotel, but we can pay $200 for hotel "transportation" from airport both ways.  did any of you or your guests take taxis from the airport?  or set up an online shuttle beforehand?  any problems? cost?


wondering how to go about paying everything?  us or mexican currency?  i'm assuming you pay for the wedding stuff once down there... do they take credit cards?  what about the activities outside of the resort... ziplining, taxis, etc... what currency did you use?  if you don't mind me asking, just because i'm so clueless on this issue, how much american $ and how much mexican $ did you have with you/ did you need for your trip?  


brides who have been:  any recommendations on reception areas outside?  we would like to not pay for extra lighting if possible.  know of any area that will be lit at night?


thank you SO much brides!



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